Tuition/education income tax credit

If you paid tuition, you may be able to claim tuition and education amounts on your tax return by using the Tuition Tax Receipts (T2202A) form. The form will be available online via MyCampus as of the last day of February at 4 p.m.

Please note: The total amount of tuition fees paid may not necessarily correspond to your T2202A because not all tuition fees are tax deductible, In addition, the T2202A is based on the January to December tax year and not the September to April academic year.

Tuition fees not eligible for tax deduction include:

  • Entrance or initiation fees to a professional organization;
  • Meals and lodging;
  • Medical care;
  • Retained goods of lasting value (e.g. computer, tools or uniform);
  • Transportation and parking; and
  • Student Association fees.

In addition to claiming tuition and ancillary fees, you are also eligible to claim a credit for each month of full- or part-time study. A copy of eligible tuition and education amounts is available through MyCampus.

Professional and part-time learning students can also retrieve their T2202A forms online through MyCampus. You will require your:

  • Date of birth or postal code;
  • MyCampus password; and
  • Student identification number.

For more information, please select one of the links below:

Graduates and former students

MyCampus accounts belonging to graduates and former students can be re-activated to allow you to access your T2202A online. If you still cannot reactivate your account, please contact the Help Desk at 905.721.3333.