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Travel Updates

The 3-night hotel stopover is  eliminated for all travellers arriving into Canada 12:01 A.M. EDT on August 9. For more Information, see: News Release.

Fully vaccinated travellers eligible to enter Canada may not be required to quarantine for 14 days. However, All Travellers must still provide a 14-day quarantine plan and be prepared to quarantine. Please note that the decision on your exemption will be made at the border after your arrival.

  • A fully Vaccinated traveler is defined as: Individuals who have received both doses of a vaccine (or combination of vaccines) approved by the Government of Canada at least 14 days prior to their Arrival date.
    • To check if you are in this category please refer to the approved COVID-19 vaccines
    • Travellers are strongly advised to carry their Proof of Vaccination documentation for verification. for documentation.
    • As a Durham College (DC) international student, you must also have a quarantine plan approved by Durham College prior to travelling to Canada. To book Durham College quarantine services, please see Step 1 of Arrival and Quarantine Guide below.

To travel to Canada, international students are required to hold a study permit or study permit approval, though a study permit alone is not a travel authorization.

  • Travellers arriving to Canada will be required to take a COVID-19 molecular test before exiting the airport. There is no cost to you for this test.

For more information, see: Coronavirus disease (COVID-19): Travel restrictions, exemptions and advice

Any international student and/or family member who is found to be in violation of the mandatory 14-day quarantine period may be penalized under Canadian law. Maximum penalties include a fine of up to $750,000 and/or imprisonment up to six months. Further, a person who causes a risk of imminent death or serious bodily harm to another person while willfully or recklessly contravening the Quarantine Act or the regulations could be liable for a fine of up to $1,000,000 or to imprisonment of up to three years, or both.

Arrival and Quarantine guide

As of August 9, 2021, 12:01 AM, All Travellers

DC international students can either book DC Arrival and Quarantine Package, OR self-arrange an approved quarantine place in Durham Region.

This is required even if you are seeking the fully vaccinated exemption.  Final determination of your vaccination status will be made upon entry to Canada. You must bring a digital or paper copy of your proof(s) of vaccination with you. If you are ineligible for the exemption or are unable to meet all of the requirements OR if your proof of vaccination is considered invalid, you will be required to:

  • Complete a quarantine period of at least 14 days.
  • Complete a second COVID-19 test on day 8 of your quarantine.

For more information on quarantine place requirements, please see our FAQs.

  • Transportation from Toronto Pearson International Airport to the Durham Region
  • 14-day accommodation.
  • A welcome kit
  • Comprehensive arrival guide
  • Free one-month prepaid SIM card, activated and available on check-in

Book your  DC Arrival Service here:

Need financial support for your quarantine? Please contact:

All Durham College international students who would like to arrange their own quarantine must:

  • Have their quarantine plan approved by Durham College
  • quarantine in Durham Region.
    • If you are requesting an exemption to quarantine Outside  the Durham Region, please send along with your quarantine plan form.
  • use pickup transportation by Durham College Arrival Service to travel to the quarantine address. This is only applicable to those quarantining in the Durham Region.

Whether you choose DC quarantine services or arrange your own quarantine, you must let us know if you have family member(s) travelling with you by filling in the information in the Quarantine Plan form (refer to Step 2). Your family member(s) will be using pickup transportation with you by Durham College Arrival Service.

If you book The DC Arrival Service, a SIM card will be provided upon your arrival.

If you self-arrange a quarantine plan, please order a prepaid SIM card online.

A Canadian phone number is required.

Once you are in Canada and quarantining, you will need to arrange food delivery.

Here are a few suggestions:

Grocery delivery:

  1. Cornershop
  2. Instacart
  3. Walmart
  4. Metro
  5. Nofrills

Food delivery:

  1. Uber Eats
  2. Skip the Dishes
  3. DoorDash

Meal Kit Services:

  1. HelloFresh
  2. GoodFood
  3. Chefplate

Please note that all students who plan to travel to Canada must submit the following documents to as soon as possible, OR at least 72 hours prior to actual departure to Canada:

    • A Completed Quarantine Plan form:
    • For fully vaccinated travellers seeking to apply for the quarantine exemption, submit your  ArriveCAN confirmation receipt email:
    • Please note, you will receive this receipt from ArriveCan by:
      • Uploading details of your first vaccination dose (date, country and vaccine you received) in the ArriveCan app at least 72 hours prior to your departure
      • Uploading details of your second dose if one was required (i.e., for Pfizer, Moderna, and AstraZeneca vaccines)
      • Uploading a photo(s) or PDF file(s) of the record of your vaccination(s), such as receipts or confirmations from the vaccinating organization. These must be in English, French, or a certified translation into English or French.

    Note: Even when you book DC Arrival Service for the 14-day quarantine, both documents (completed quarantine plan form AND ArriveCan receipt, if seeking an exemption from quarantine) are required.

    1. Fill & submit your Quarantine Plan form to
    2. Contact at least 72 hours prior to your flight, if you need transportation support from the hotel stopover to the next quarantine location. See FAQs for more information.
        1. Comply with Public Health's instructions on how to quarantine
        2. Use ArriveCAN within 72 hours of entering Canada to confirm you have arrived at your place of quarantine or isolation
        3. IF not exempt, continue a minimum 14-day isolation at the approved accommodation as in your quarantine plan
        4. Complete 2 types of questionnaires every day during the 14 days of quarantine:
        5. Send your Canadian phone number to
          A prepaid SIM card can be obtained online. Please see details in FAQs.
          If you book Maple Assist package, please activate the provided SIM card as soon as possible.
        6. Book Day-8 Testing (test kit provided on arrival at the airport).

        Submit Day-1 & Day-8 (if applicable) testing results to

        Students must remain in quarantine until receiving a test result, regardless if this timing exceeds the 14-day period OR if they have provided a proof of exemption.

        Navigate IT Tools to Limit the Spread of COVID-19

        As of November 21, 2020, submitting your quarantine plan through the ArriveCAN mobile app is mandatory prior to entering Canada.

        Download the ArriveCAN app (iOSAndroid or web format). Make sure you have the official version by downloading it here.

        In addition, the COVID Alert mobile app is a tracking app that can let individuals know of possible exposures before any symptoms appear. The app uses Bluetooth to exchange random codes with nearby phones. The random codes come from devices of people who tell the app they have tested positive for COVID-19. If you have been near one of those codes in the past 14 days, you will get a notification.

        You can check more information and securely download the app from this link:


        As of October 20, 2020 Durham College received approval from IRCC for its COVID-19 readiness plan. This means that any student, regardless of your program delivery method, is now welcome to travel to Canada if you have a valid study permit. Please see here.

        Travel letters are not issued or required.

        However, if you are asked by airlines to provide information before boarding, please use these two documents:

        1. Program delivery methods letter (available in MyCampus - DC International Applicant tab – look for title “Urgent – please print”)


        1. Program enrolment letter (available in MyCampus – DC Home Tab – Helpful Links – Student Records)

        Please refer to Arrival and Quarantine Plan Guide.

        These are requirements in the Quarantine Act that have been created by the Government of Canada.

        • Have access to the necessities of life without leaving your place of quarantine
        • Have a separate bedroom and washroom if the space is shared with family/friends who didn't travel with you
        • Can limit interactions with others in the household. If spaces, such as a kitchen, are shared:
          • wear a mask or face covering if a 2m distance cannot be maintained;
          • thoroughly and regularly clean common areas after use
        • Are not living with those at risk of more severe disease
        • Are not in close contact with others who did not travel with you. For example, do not quarantine in:
          • a group or communal living setting, including camps or students’ dorms unless the location is pre-authorized;
          • a household with a large family or many people
          • a shared small apartment or similar setting

        Read the Ontario Public Health’s Cleaning and Disinfection for Public Settings guidelines

        For more information, you can refer to the IRCC website on the Quarantine Act and Public Health's instructions on how to quarantine

        Durham College’s Arrival Service  includes your 14-day accommodation and a shuttle from your 3-day hotel to your accommodation. The complete package cost is $1429.45 (inclusive of taxes). As a Durham College international student, if you need financial support you are entitled to avail a discount of up $800 if you have a bursary code. To request a bursary code, please send an email to

        Starting July 5, 2021 at 11:59 p.m. EDT: Exemptions for fully vaccinated travellers who meet specific conditions

        You may qualify for certain exemptions to quarantine and testing if you:

        • are eligible to enter Canada
        • are asymptomatic
        • meet the Government of Canada requirements of fully vaccinated travellers
        • meet all other entry requirements, including entering your information in ArriveCAN app before arrival

        Regardless of whether you are seeking an exemption, both  a Quarantine plan form and  Proof of Vaccination must be submitted to

        For more information, please see:

        Students who book DC Arrival Services receive a free prepaid SIM card (1-month plan and activated).

        There may be other options for SIM card delivery services. Below are some examples:


        Best Buy


        Public Mobile


        Please check on the service provider’s website for more information.

        Students can also obtain a temporary Canadian phone number by some apps:



        Internet connection is needed.

        *All service providers above are examples only. There are many other options for students. Information is subject to change depending on the service providers.

        Children under the age of 18 are considered minors in Canada. They must follow the same rules to enter Canada as any other visitor.

        For more information on minor children travelling to Canada please follow:

        Exemptions for fully vaccinated travelers who are vaccinated with a Health Canada-authorized vaccine, and who are eligible to enter Canada, took effect at 11:59 p.m. on July 5, 2021, 2021.

        For more information please visit: COVID-19 vaccinated travellers entering Canada - Travel restrictions in Canada –

        • Students must use the ArriveCAN app within 72 hours of their arrival in Canada to enter proof of vaccination documentation.
        • Failure to provide the required information will result in ineligibility from the exemptions, even if you meet other requirements.
        • It is strongly suggested to carry authentic documentation of your full/partial vaccination.

        Presently, no exemptions are provided to partially vaccinated travellers and they are required to follow the standard 14-day process for their quarantine.

        If you received your first dose or both doses of the COVID-19 vaccine outside of Ontario or Canada, you can register your vaccination by contacting your local public health unit (PHU).

        If you received only your first dose please refer to the following website: If you were Vaccinated outside Ontario or Canada

        Please note that all international students are eligible to get both the first and second dose of COVID-19 vaccine in Canada at no cost.

        For more information about vaccines please visit: