NEW International Students Guide

Winter 2022

Approved for a study permit or already have a valid study permit? Start here:

Congratulations, new Durham College international students! You have been approved for a study permit or already have a valid study permit, so you can travel to Canada for your studies. What do you need to do next? Read the steps below carefully for important information.


Submit your study permit and visa approval to before you travel to Canada and before the first class of the Winter semester (January 10, 2022).

See  Arrival Guide.

Please note:

Fully vaccinated travelers eligible to enter Canada may not be required to quarantine for 14 days. However, all travelers must still provide a 14-day quarantine plan and be prepared to quarantine. Please note that the decision on your exemption will be made at the border after your arrival.

You can choose to live on or off campus during your studies at DC. It is recommended that you start to research and look for housing before you travel to Canada.

  • On-campus residence
    • DC residences are located on the Oshawa and Whitby campuses, and are open to all students.
    • For what’s included in a room, pricing and more information, see here.
    • Apply early here.
    • Visit our Housing webpage for more information.
  • Off-campus residence
    • These residences are run by private companies, are available only to students and are located near the Oshawa campus.
    • For the list of residences, see here.

In addition, there are a variety of options for homestay and other off-campus living. Visit our Housing webpage for more information.

Registration for Winter 2022 opens in November - December 2021. Check here for the web registration dates.

Prior to registering, you MUST pay the full semester fees.

See this step-by-step guide on How to Select a Timetable.

Please note that depending on when you arrive, Step 4 can also be completed after you travel to Canada.  


If you are not eligible for quarantine exemption, please  see the  Arrival and Quarantine Guide.

DC Connect is your online class homeroom. This is where you will access each of your courses, including your course material such as course outlines, lectures, assignments, grades and other content shared by your professors.

Here’s how to access DC Connect:

  • Go to DC Connect login page.
  • Use your student ID number as your username and network password to log into your account. For information on logging into the student network account (e.g. DC Mail, DC Connect) for the first time, see here.
  • If needed, your network password can be reset here.
  • To have a better idea of how to use DC Connect, watch this video:

MyDC is where you can access the same important administrative and academic information that MyCampus offered, but with a new mobile-friendly redesign that makes it easier to find the information you need. Self-service options are available through the upper right-hand corner.

  1. Visit MyDC page here:
  2. From MyDC page, you can login using your MyCampus credentials:
  • Use your student ID number as your username.
  • Your password is the birthdate the college as on record for you in MMDDYY format. If the college does not have your birthdate on file, your postal code will then be used (input with all capital letters and no spaces).

DC Mail is your official email address that will be used by DC to communicate with you. Here’s how to access DC Mail:

  • Go to DC Mail login page.
  • Use your student ID number as your username and network password to log into your account. For information on logging into the student network account (e.g. DC Mail, DC Connect) for the first time, see here.
  • If needed, your network password can be reset here.

If you still have trouble logging into any of the above tools, please contact Service Desk immediately: Phone: +1 905-721-3333 or Email:

International Student Orientation (ISO) consists of two parts: ISO online course and ISO virtual live session.

  1. ISO Online Course on DC Connect

You must complete the ISO online course by [January 7, 2021]. Here’s how to access the course:

  • Go to DC Connect.
  • Log in with your student ID number and your network password.
  • Click on “Self-Registration” on the top left, and find the course “Winter 2022 Home@DC International Student Orientation”.
  • Click on “Register Now”, then “Submit”, “Finish” and “Done”.
  • The “Winter 2022 Home@DC International Student Orientation” course will be there for you. Click into it and get started!
  1. ISO Live Session on Zoom

The ISO virtual live session is mandatory to all new international students.

Time: January 7, 2022 at 9:00 AM (Eastern Time)

Place: Zoom – virtual meeting

In order for you to participate, you MUST register early here. An email about how to join the session will be sent to the account you have used when registering.

Students are required to “arrive” online by 9:00 AM. No students will be permitted to enter the session after 9:15 AM.

All new DC students are encouraged to virtually participate in Program Orientation on January 7, 2022!

Meet your faculty, fellow classmates, and discover important details about your new program of study! To locate your program’s specific virtual room, visit the Program Orientation page: Please note room links will not be available until the day of the program orientation.

Due to COVID-19, the Campus Stores are physically closed at the moment, but are open online.

Here's how to purchase your books online inside Canada:

  • Log into MyCampus.
  • Go to “Helpful Links”, “Registration”, and then “Books for Term”.
  • You will be directed to Courses You Are Currently Enrolled in. Ensure these are your correct classes and select “Here”. The books for each course will be listed under the course title.
  • Click on the “Shopping Cart” icon located beneath each book description or book title to add the textbook to your basket.
  • Click “Continue Shopping” to return to your booklist and add more to your basket.
  • Click “Checkout”. Skip down to create a new account and enter all the required information. If you already have an account, simply log in using the information you entered at the time you created your account.
  • Click “Submit Order”.
  • Choose a “Shipping Profile”.
  • Click “Pay Now”.
  • Enter your credit card information and then click “Submit”.

It is recommended that you wait until you have attended the first day of each class before removing the wrapping from your textbooks. Course textbooks cannot be returned once they have been opened.

There are options for purchasing e-textbooks. For more information, please see here.

Here’s how to purchase books/study materials if you are currently outside Canada:

Please contact your academic school office for more information related to shipping books and other study materials (such as lab kits) out of Canada.

You can find your Student Advisor (Academic) and contact your school office here:

Taking part in co-curricular programs, clubs, events, activities or sports enhances your learning experience. Durham College offers many fun opportunities to get involved and make new friends regardless of your program delivery method.

To volunteer with the International Education Office, please contact us using this form.

Reach out to the following offices:



DC International Education Office

Contact us

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Health Insurance


International Student Volunteers


Peer Mentor Program
Durham College Student Association (DCSA):



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Engage in college life for both domestic and international students


StudentVIP – added benefits health insurance for international students
Institute of Student Leadership:


Email: or

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Self-guided, extra-curricular, non-academic certificate program in Leadership and personal development


*More information is available here:

How do I know if my class is in-person or online? How do I find my class room? Or How do I find a meeting link to attend the class?

Here is what you should do:

  1. Check “Student Schedule by Day and Time” on MyDC BEFORE the first day of school

It shows the room of the class, name of your instructor, and the length of the class.

  1. Check DC Connect BEFORE the first day of school

Professors/instructors usually post announcements on DC Connect before the first class. Read carefully. If you can’t find the information, send an email to your instructor on DC Connect.

Most importantly, pay attention and ask questions when attending Program Orientation.


When What How
Adhere to payment date in box 25 on your official Letter of Acceptance. First semester payment due for Winter 2022 international students (starting a new program) See here
November 22 to 24, 2021 Timetable registration (Web registration) opens for Winter 2022 for Semester 1 students – starting a new program See Step 4
TBD Last day to arrive in Canada and start your quarantine See Steps 1 and 2
December 22, 2021 Full-time students may make timetable changes through MyDC beginning at 4:00 PM. See MyDC – Timetable Options – Add/Drop Classes.
January 7, 2022

9:00-10:30 AM

International Student Orientation live session See Step 7
January 7, 2022 Program Orientation See Step 8 and here
January 10, 2022 First day of school Join classes in person or online, depending on your course structure. Check DC Connect (see Step 6) in advance.
January 14, 2022 Last day for program registration See Step 4
January 14, 2022 Last day to add/or courses (classes) See here
January 14, 2022 Last day for program changes* Email with your name and student number.
January 14, 2022 Last day to request a deferral to a later semester Email with your name and student number.
January 21, 2022 Last day to withdraw from a program with a refund** Students requesting a withdrawal/refund are required to meet with an international student advisor first to ensure that international students are complying with study permit conditions/regulations. Meeting requests must be made by filling out our online request form.


For more important dates, including Reading Week, scheduled breaks, please visit:

*We strongly advise students not to wait until the last day to request a program change, as program changes are subject to seat availability.

**Refunds are subject to eligibility. More information can be found here.

Find us on Social Media:




If you have any questions about immigration, tuition, health care or anything else, our international student advisors are always here to help!
International Ask-Us-Anything” online drop-in sessions are hosted every Tuesday and Thursday throughout the semester.

  1. Tuesdays at 9:00 AM Eastern Time

Join Zoom Meeting:

(Meeting ID: 813 8389 9106, Passcode: 761379)


  1. Thursdays at 3:00 PM Eastern Time

Join Zoom Meeting:

(Meeting ID: 824 0404 9429, Passcode: 287993)

Remember, answers to frequently asked questions can also be found on our website.

At Durham College we care about your wellbeing and success. There are a variety of supports available to assist students, from academic support (SALS) to health and wellness. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

We wish all of our new international students a great semester ahead!