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Operational Overview

OPER 1581

Describe the structures, regulations and legal issues for the Canadian health care system in long-term care and retirement communities. Elements of performance: 1. Describe the origins, development and current structure of the Ontario and the Canadian health care systems. 2. Explain current issues and challenges in the health care system. Describe critical issues/concepts such as due diligence, confidentiality, resident rights/advocacy, duty of care, and risk management. 3. Explain the funding framework and revenue streams. 4. Compare the standards in the Long-Term Care and Retirement Communities Program Manual to specific operations and functions in the facility. 5. Prepare an action plan to meet accreditation standards for Long-Term Care Management and Retirement Communities Management. 6. Identify all legislative documents that long-term care and retirement communities adhere to. 7. Describe the roles of the relevant professional associations, internal and external subcommittees and partnerships in a facility. 8. Compare different information systems. 9. Explain Domiciliary and Hostile programs.


  • Fall - None required
  • Winter - None required
  • Spring/Summer - None required

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