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Motorcycle Training

Gearing up courses

Training will be offered at the Oshawa Campus only.

Durham College has reached a new agreement with (also known as RSAO), our long-time teaching partner of motorcycle training for over 25 years.  Under this new agreement, all motorcycle training will now be administered and delivered directly through  Note that the training will continue at Durham College at the Oshawa Campus only.

Click on one of the following course links below for more information, or to register for a course, you can contact at 1-833-414-RIDE (7433) or


The first step is to write your M1 test at the Ministry of Transportation Drive Test Centre.  This permit is valid for 90 days.  You may take the course any time within this 90-day period.  After completion of the “M2 (M1 to M2)” course (formerly known as “M1 Exit”) and passing of your M1 Exit test (which is included in the course), you will go to an MTO Drive Test Centre to get your licence upgraded.  (Note that detailed deadlines and time lines related to licensing will be discussed in class.) Once you have driven for a minimum of 18 months and a maximum of 5 years, you may then take the “M2 Exit” course.  Upon completion of this course and passing of your M2 Exit test, you will receive your final M licence (via the Drive Test Centre).

For the “M2 (M1 to M2)” course, the motorcycles will be provided.  There are a range of sizes, so you’ll choose one that is right for you.  For the “M2 Exit” course, you will use your own bike (or a borrowed one).  You must also bring proof of ownership and insurance, and your valid M2 licence.  Your bike must be roadworthy and capable of maintaining at least 100 km per hour as you will be trained and tested on a highway.

You must provide your own safety-approved helmet, gloves that cover your wrists and fingers, boots (running shoes or slip-on boots are not permitted) that cover your ankles, jacket and pants made of denim, leather, or ballistic nylon. Ballistic nylon jackets and gloves are the preferred attire as they are protective, colourful, water-resistant and more versatile than leather or denim items.

The course runs rain or shine, so please come dressed accordingly.  Your rain suit should fit over your gear.

Motorcycle courses will be held at Durham College, Oshawa Campus, 2000 Simcoe Street North.

Yes, you can.  These courses are not mandatory, but to receive a reduction in insurance rates, you must present your insurance company with the certificate from the Canada Safety Council (which you will receive upon successful completion of the testing at the end of the “M2”course (formerly known as “M1 Exit” course).

You don’t have to take a course.  You can do your M2 Exit test through a Drive Test Centre.

Note that if you haven’t taken the M1 Exit (M1 to M2) course, you must wait a minimum of 22 months before testing for your M licence.  If you have completed the M1 Exit course, you only have to wait 18 months to do your testing at Durham College.

Since your M2 licence is valid for a maximum of five years, you may need to refresh your skills in order to be prepared to do your M driver’s test.  The “M2 Exit” course builds on skills learned in the M1 Exit course.  Most of the time is spent on your bike and – thanks to constant wireless communication – you will be safely escorted through intersections, left and right turns, commercial and residential traffic, and learn highway-driving skills.  You will learn defensive driving techniques, refresh your low-speed skills, practice high-speed pattern riding, learn vehicle control, practice emergency measures, and ride using advanced riding procedures.