Graduation from a program is dependent upon the student meeting all of the requirements published for the academic year in which the first program-specific course was taken.  Details on specific course requirements can be found in the Program of Study document for that year.  Please also note that not every course in a program is offered every term.

Please contact our office at or 905.721.3052  if you require any of the following:

  • A copy of your Program of Study (POS) – i.e. the list of courses you need to take to fulfill your program requirements
  • Details regarding the timeframe in which you must complete your studies (i.e. from the start date of your program)
  • Assistance on how to proceed when a course you must take as part of your program is unavailable in a given term

Graduation Eligibility

Once you have completed all program requirements and are eligible for a certificate or diploma you must complete an Application for Graduation form and pay the fee to the Office of the Registrar. Graduation forms are available in the Registrar's office.

Minimum Performance for Graduation

You will only be eligible to graduate if you have completed all program requirements and maintained an overall good standing in your program (minimum GPA of 2.0). To confirm graduation eligibility, Durham College completes an audit of all courses you have taken in a program. Each course must be successfully completed within the maximum time frame for the credential, and a minimum GPA must be maintained.  The audit is based upon the program of study from the year you started your program, and it may be different from the one currently displayed on our website.

Post-Secondary Credential

Please note if you have completed an Ontario post-secondary credential you are required to follow graduation deadlines for the day school programs.  There are three graduation audit periods per academic year (January, May/June, and October) and if you have met the application deadline and are successful you will receive your credential following the audit process.

Durham College Certificate or Recognition of Achievement

If you completed a Durham College Certificate or Recognition of Achievement you can apply to graduate upon completion of your final course. Your records will be audited at that time.