General Education Electives

Please refer to your Program of Study to determine if a General Education Elective (GNED) requirement exists for your program.

Some programs may require that one of your GNEDs be a First Nations, Métis, and Inuit general education elective course (Fnmi Elective).

Click here for the full listing of General Education Electives.

Professional and Part-time Learning students should refer to the Program Restrictions column to ensure your program is not listed before registering for a GNED. If you are not completing a program through Professional and Part-time Learning, please consult your academic school for confirmation of any GNED restrictions for your program.

Course details and availability for each currently offered course can be viewed by selecting the course titles below. Courses are online unless otherwise indicated. Monthly Intake Online courses have various start dates for this course throughout a semester. Courses which can be fast-tracked are indicated by an asterisk (*). Not all courses are offered every semester.

General Education Elective Options:

Artificial Intelligence - 7 weeks
Artificial Intelligence - Monthly Intake Online
Children’s Literature Introduction
Children’s Literature Introduction – Monthly Intake Online
Complementary Therapies Introduction
Criminal Psychology – Criminal Minds
Criminal Psychology – Psychopathic Minds
Critical Thinking
Critical Thinking – Monthly Intake Online
Cults and Terrorism
Environmental Citizenship
Global Citizenship
Human Sexuality
Human Sexuality – Monthly Intake Online
History of Indigenous Canadian Relations
Indigenous Identity in Relation to the Land
Indigenous Songs and Stories
Legalization of Cannabis in Canada*
Legalization of Cannabis in Canada - Monthly Intake Online*
Mental Health Literacy
Personality Psychology
Selected Topics in Psychology
Selected Topics in Psychology – Monthly Intake Online
Science of Popular Diets: Impacts of Nutrition on Human Wellness
Social Media & Society
Sociology Introduction
Sociology Introduction – Monthly Intake Online
Stress, Wellness & Nutrition
Stress, Wellness & Nutrition – Monthly Intake Online
The Game of Soccer and its Impact on Society
The History of Brewing
The History of Chocolate
Truth & Reconciliation
Westerns – A Study in the Film Genre
World Religions: Western and Eastern Traditions

Fnmi General Education Elective Options

History of Indigenous Canadian Relations
Indigenous Identity in Relation to the Land
Truth & Reconciliation