Does my course need a textbook?

When registering for your course, the course description indicates if a textbook is required. While registering online, and the “Browse Bookstore” indicator is visible in the textbook section, a textbook is required.

If you do not have access to the website you may call the Professional and Part-time Learning for the title and cost of your textbook. A complete list of Professional and Part-time Learning textbooks is also posted in the Professional and Part-time Learning section of the Campus Bookstore website for your reference. It is recommended that you do not open or write inside your textbooks prior to attending your first class, as textbooks returned must be in original condition (including shrinkwrap if applicable) and accompanied by the original receipt.

How to purchase your textbook in-person?

Textbooks must be purchased at the campus where your class will be held. For the Bookstore hours please visit their website at http://dc-uoit.bookware3000.ca and click on Hours & Locations or call 905.721.3026 (Oshawa) or 905.721.3306 (Whitby).

How to purchase your textbook online?

Click on the “Browse Bookstore” under the course description (skip to Step 5 below) OR go to http://dc-uoit.bookware3000.ca

  1. Select Course Materials
  2. Select Textbooks
  3. Select Campus Parttime Professional Learning or Parttime Professional Learn.W
  4. Select your term, i.e. Winter Session Ppl (Dc) 20YY, Spring Session Ppl (Dc) 20YY or Fall Ppl (Dc)  20YY.
  5. Select 00000- Parttime Professional Learning.
  6. Click on your course code, and CRN e.g. ACCT 1280 10006
  7. Click on “Go” next to your selected course.
  8. Click “Buy” to add to shopping cart and follow the steps listed to check out.

Please note: Students requesting texts to be sent by courier will incur the additional cost of shipping. For information and bookstore hours call 905.721.3026 or visit their website.

What is the refund policy?

Please review the textbook refund policy on the Bookstore website or ask in-store. You will require this information should you decide to withdraw from your course and need to return your textbook(s).