Grades, Transcripts and Tuition Tax Receipts

Final Grades, Official Transcripts and Tuition Tax Receipts are available on MyDC.

If you need to have your MyDC account re-activated, you can do so online. If you still cannot re-activate your account please contact the Help Desk at 905.721.3333.

How to request a transcript: 

If you require an official copy of a mark for an employer or educational institution, you will be required to order and pay for an official transcript at a cost of $16 per transcript. To request an official transcript visit, Transcript Request. 

Please note:

  • Transcripts can take up to two weeks or longer to prepare, depending on the research involved and current volume in the Office of the Registrar.
  • Transcript requests are not accepted over the phone.

How to access your grades:

Please see the how to view your final grades tutorial here.

How to access your Tuition Tax Receipts

Please see T2202 Tuition/Tax Receipts for further information.