PPL Field Placements

Paperwork Submission Deadlines

Please read all of the information on this page if you are planning on applying for a field placement within your program. When you are ready to apply, please follow the "7 Steps Toward Placement" for detailed instructions on how to proceed.

Fall 2024 Winter 2025 Spring 2025
Placement Request Availability - DC Connect & Synergy Access: Students upload paperwork to DC Connect & Synergy platforms Jul. 9 to Aug. 13, 2024 Oct. 15 to Nov. 26, 2024 Mar. 4 to Apr. 15, 2025
Paperwork Deadline - DC Connect & Synergy Platforms: All paperwork is due in both DC Connect & Synergy platforms Due: Aug. 20, 2024 Due: Dec. 3, 2024 Due: Apr. 22, 2025
Term Start & End Dates: Students will not begin placement hours before the posted start date Sept. 10 to Dec. 17, 2024 Jan. 14 to Apr. 22, 2025 May 13 to Aug. 19, 2025

How to apply for PPL Field Placement?


PPL Field Placement

Please read each step thoroughly before proceeding:

Step 1 - Initiate Placement Request

Please complete the following steps below to request access to DC Connect and/or Verified by Synergy Gateway for the FALL 2024 term:

FALL 2024 requests are accepted from July 9 – August 13, 2024 ONLY. Requests sent outside of these dates will not be processed.


  • ALL Paperwork is due on August 20, 2024 in order to qualify for placement.
  • Please submit your request only once.
  • This process is for PPL students only. If you are not a PPL student, you must contact your school office for field placement details and instructions.
  • Requests received will be processed the next business day.
  • DC CONNECT MODULE ACCESS: Students are required to check DC Connect daily for the addition of the Pre-Placement Paperwork module (a separate email from the PPL department will not be sent).
  • SYNERGY GATEWAY ACCESS: Students will receive an email from Verified by Synergy Gateway with first time login instructions for the Synergy platform. This email will go to your DC Mail account only. You must check this account daily. If you have not received this email from Synergy within 2 business days of your request, please ensure you check your junk/spam folders. (NOTE: If you are a returning student and have gained access to Synergy Gateway previously, you will still have access and can log in using your previous login credentials).
  • It may take up to 2 business days to gain access to DC Connect and Verified by Synergy Gateway in some cases.
  • Students are required to monitor their dcmail.ca email account during the application process and throughout placement, as placement correspondence will only be sent to the student’s dcmail.ca address. Personal email addresses will not be used.


  • Students are advised to order Criminal Reference Checks w/Vulnerable Sector Screens (as required for your placement course) A MINIMUM OF 8 WEEKS BEFORE THE DUE DATE. Police stations are backlogged and have been taking a minimum of 8 weeks to process in many cases.
  • CRC validity dates have been increased from 6 months to 1 year for SSW & Library Tech placements.  All other placements requiring CRC/VSS remain at 6 months.


  • Please ensure you book an appointment with your doctor to have your Health forms completed well in advance of the due date.
  • The newest version of the Entry Immunization form can be found here: Entry Immunization Form.
  • PPL students are not required to have the COVID-19 vaccines, however, if your agency requires it, you must follow their COVID-19 procedures.

Other Information