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Certified Bookkeeper (CIB)

Professional Designation

Professional Designation

Program Description

Durham College, in co-operation with the Canadian Institute of Bookkeeping (CIB), is proud to present a program leading to a career as a professional bookkeeper.

Students who complete the nine required academic courses offered through Durham College (receiving a minimum grade of 65% in each course) will be entitled to receive a Certificate of Accomplishment from the CIB indicating that they have met the academic requirements of the professional development program.

To obtain the designation of Certified Bookkeeper from CIB, students must become a member and obtain three years of full-time relevant bookkeeping experience.

Click here for a list of Durham College approved CIB courses

Please refer to the CIB website at for details regarding admission, program and practical experience requirements.

Questions? Call 905.721.3052

Currently offered

Course Title Location
ACCT 1280Accounting IOnline
ACCT 1280Accounting IMonthly Intake Online
ACCT 1250Accounting IOshawa
ACCT 2280Accounting IIMonthly Intake Online
ACCT 2280Accounting IIOnline
ACCT 2250Accounting IIOshawa
COMP 1289Business Computer Applications IMonthly Intake Online
COMP 1289Business Computer Applications IOnline
COMP 2289Business Computer Applications IIMonthly Intake Online
COMP 2289Business Computer Applications IIOnline
SPRD 2281Excel IntroductionMonthly Intake Online
SPRD 2281Excel IntroductionOnline
ACCT 3280Intermediate Accounting IOnline
ACCT 3285Managerial Accounting I (formerly Cost Accounting I)Monthly Intake Online
ACCT 3285Managerial Accounting I (formerly Cost Accounting I)Online
ACCT 4283Managerial Accounting II (formerly Cost Accounting II)Monthly Intake Online
ACCT 4283Managerial Accounting II (formerly Cost Accounting II)Online
ACCT 2283Payroll AdministrationOnline
ACCT 2283Payroll AdministrationMonthly Intake Online
ACCT 1283QuickBooks Level IOnline
ACCT 1283QuickBooks Level IMonthly Intake Online
ACCT 1980Sage 50 (Simply Accounting I)Online
ACCT 3284Taxation IOnline
ACCT 3284Taxation IMonthly Intake Online
ACCT 3264Taxation IOshawa
WIND 2285Word IntroductionOnline
WIND 2285Word IntroductionMonthly Intake Online