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Professional and Part-Time Learning Online Health and Community Services Programs

  • Children's Mental Health (Certificate)
    • Code: CHMH

    Through this certificate, develop knowledge and skills to effectively work with infants, children or adolescents with complicated psychiatric disorders. Courses will focus on the developmental process, understanding psychiatric disorders and associated behaviours, risk factors and triggers, the iden...tification of behaviours and symptoms, family relationships, and on intervention and prevention strategies. This program may be of particular interest to health, social service and education professionals currently working with infant, child or adolescent populations. Learn more about Children's Mental Health (Certificate)...

  • Food Service Worker (Certificate)
    • Code: FSWF

    Through this certificate program, develop the knowledge and skills needed to be an effective member of a food service team in commercial facilities, institutions or long-term care homes. Courses focus on food preparation principles, food service, nutrition, and sanitation practices. Customer service..., communications and business skills are also covered. Learn more about Food Service Worker (Certificate)...

  • Fundamentals of Addictions (Certificate)
    • Code: FNAD

    This program provides a specific focus on the knowledge, skills and techniques that are recognized as being fundamental to working with clients affected by addictive behaviours and/or mental health issues in private addiction facilities, group homes or halfway houses. Courses address psychoactive d...rug use through to behavioural or process addictions. Learn more about Fundamentals of Addictions (Certificate)...

  • Hospital Nursing Unit Clerk (Certificate)
    • Code: HNUC

    This certificate program prepares you for the challenging and rewarding career of providing clerical and administrative support for a hospital unit or health care institution. Through this program, you will develop office management and business communications skills for the healthcare environment,... and will acquire a thorough understanding of information reporting, medical terminology, medical conditions, pharmacology, surgical procedures and medical tests. You will also learn to set up records for new patients, transcribe physicians' orders from patient records, prepare requisition forms for laboratory tests, record patient diagnoses on the appropriate medical forms, and arrange for the transfer of patients within a unit or to other units. The program focuses on the development of strong office support skills with a particular emphasis on interpersonal, organizational and communication skills. Learn more about Hospital Nursing Unit Clerk (Certificate)...

  • Medical Terminology (Micro-credential)
    • Code: MEDT

    The Medical Terminology program is designed for those who already have an administrative background and want to build entry-level medical language skills to communicate effectively within healthcare settings. There is a focus on medical terminology and terms related to common medical conditions, dia...gnostic tests, anatomy and physiology, and pharmacology. Learn more about Medical Terminology (Micro-credential)...

  • Medical Transcriptionist (Certificate)
    • Code: MDTR

    Focusing on elements of medical science, communication skills and transcription techniques, this program will help you develop the theoretical and practical knowledge required to meet the needs of the medical community. Learn more about Medical Transcriptionist (Certificate)...

  • Mental Health Nursing RN/RPN (Certificate)
    • Code: MHN

    This online program is based on the Standards for Mental Health Nursing in Canada, and combines in-depth theoretical knowledge with application to clinical practice. Upon completion, you will be prepared to assess, provide interventions, and advocate for mental health clients in a variety of institu...tional and community settings. Learn more about Mental Health Nursing RN/RPN (Certificate)...

  • Mental Health Rehabilitation (Certificate)
    • Code: MHNR

    This program has been suspended. Only students already registered in the program are currently eligible to enrol in courses towards this credential. For further information, please contact: or (905) 721-3052. Learn more about Mental Health Rehabilitation (Certificate)...

  • Nephrology (Certificate)
    • Code: NEPH

    The Nephrology program is a Durham College Certificate that prepares nurses to deliver kidney care to affected patients across all stages of the kidney care journey, from early detection through dialysis, transplant, and palliative care. Current nurses will learn the knowledge required to promote an...d deliver competent, safe and ethical care to those at risk for developing or affected by renal disease and/or insufficiency. Learn more about Nephrology (Certificate)...

  • Occupational Health Nursing RN (Certificate)
    • Code: OHN

    Occupational Health Nursing (OHN) provides integrated occupational health and safety services to employers and employees. The courses in this program will enhance the knowledge and skills of experienced occupational health nurses and will assist with meeting the application qualifications for the Ca...nadian Nurses Association specialty certification examination (COHN-C). Learn more about Occupational Health Nursing RN (Certificate)...

  • Palliative Care (Certificate)
    • Code: CARE

    Through this program, you will build the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed to serve in a helping capacity (i.e. RPNs, orderlies, PSWs, volunteers, support workers and clergy), for those with advanced or terminal illness and their families. You will learn to provide compassionate care in which t...he quality of remaining life is the objective. As well, you will explore symptom control as the basis to develop a team approach, which includes clients and those who are close to them. This program will also address bereavement care for families. Learn more about Palliative Care (Certificate)...

  • Perinatal Obstetrics RN/RPN (Certificate)
    • Code: OBC

    Admission to this program has been suspended. Only students already registered in the program are currently eligible to enrol in courses toward this credential. For further information, please contact: or (905) 721-3052. Learn more about Perinatal Obstetrics RN/RPN (Certificate)...

  • Perioperative Nursing (Graduate Certificate)
    • Code: PERN

    This Ontario College Graduate Certificate will support Registered Nurses (RN) and Registered Practical Nurses (RPN) in building the necessary knowledge and expertise to care for clients in perioperative settings. Areas of study include the basic equipment and instruments used, the principles of ase...ptic technique, and the importance of infection control and their role within the perioperative setting. Learn more about Perioperative Nursing (Graduate Certificate)...

  • Retirement Communities Management (Graduate Certificate)
    • Code: RCMG

    The Retirement Communities Management program is offered to meet the increasing demand for administrators in retirement homes. The program will help you develop skills in planning and implementing operational procedures and providing collaborative leadership in retirement communities. Topic areas ...include: physical building considerations, financial management, food nutrition and hospitality management, healthy adult aging, human resources, marketing, client-centered care and the management of resources. You will finish the program with a field placement which will provide an opportunity to relate classroom theory to the industry. Learn more about Retirement Communities Management (Graduate Certificate)...

  • Social Service Worker (Two-Year Diploma)
    • Code: SSWK

    The Social Service Worker program combines academic study with practical experience to provide graduates with the skills, knowledge and attitudes required to work in the diverse and complex field of community and social services. The program focuses on the development of front-line interviewing and ...counselling skills that will prepare students to work with individuals and groups in a variety of social service settings, including group homes, women's shelters, addiction and mental health facilities, employment programs and services for seniors. In addition to theoretical models, methods and skills of social service work practice, you will receive extensive training in community organizing and development, crisis intervention, group work, and life skills methodology. Learn more about Social Service Worker (Two-Year Diploma)...

  • Sterile Processing (Certificate)
    • Code: STPC

    This program has been suspended. Only those already registered in the program are currently eligible to enroll in courses toward this credential. For further information, please contact (905) 721-3052 Learn more about Sterile Processing (Certificate)...

  • Thanatology (Certificate)
    • Code: THAN

    Thanatology (also known as grief or compassionate counselling) is the scientific study of how to cope with tragedies, death and dying. The certificate in thanatology aims to promote awareness and understanding of death and how it affects individuals, whether the death is a result of a long-standing ...chronic illness, an acute condition, or a traumatic incident. Courses in the program focus on grief and bereavement issues, communication strategies and religious philosophies of dying and death from the perspective of both the dying and bereaved. Graduates of this unique program will have the skills and preparation to better understand, support and care for those facing or coping with death. The program is ideal for individuals who work with those who are terminally ill or their families and for those who provide support or assistance to those affected by death. Learn more about Thanatology (Certificate)...