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Durham College is a member of the OntarioLearn consortium.

Courses are delivered through a variety of software platforms that are all accessed through through the Ontario Learn portal.

To gain access to your courses you will be issued an official DC Mail account.   Your DC Mail address is your unique User ID and must be used to login to your courses through OntarioLearn.

For OntarioLearn courses, please follow the steps outlined below:

Step 1: Receiving your DC Mail email address.
    • Your DC Mail address (institutional email) is provided to you when you register for courses.
    • Please refer to your Welcome email (this will be sent to your personal email address provided at the time of registration) to retrieve your official DC Mail address and Student ID number.
    • Once registered, all standard communications related to your courses e.g. exams, course cancellation notices, program updates and other important information will only be sent to your official DC Mail account.
    • It is imperative you check your DC Mail several times a week for updates from us.
    • Here is a list of standard course communications:

        Online Courses - Welcome Letter (OntarioLearn)
        Online Courses – Welcome Letter (DC Connect)
        Classroom Courses – Welcome Letter
        Admissions Letter
        Course Withdrawal
        Course Cancellations
        Course Outlines
        Program of Study (POS)
        Sunsetting of Programs
        Program Updates
        PPL Field Placements
        PPL Standard Forms
        Grades, Transcripts and Tuition Tax Receipts
        SFQ Student Surveys

    Step 2: Set up & Access your DC Mail account BEFORE your course starts

    Your DC mail email address is your unique User ID and must be used to log into your courses through OntarioLearn.
    Your DC Mail account is hosted by Outlook.com, and you have all the regular OUTLOOK.COM functionality and Office 365 with this email.

    • It is essential you first set-up your DC Mail account (and create a new network password) as soon as you receive your Welcome email from us as you will not be able to access and retrieve important information required to start your courses.  It is recommended that you do this BEFORE your course starts.
    • A temporary password from OntarioLearn will be sent to your DC mail account five days before the course start date to access their e-portal.  (If you have already accessed the OntarioLearn Portal, you can continue to use the password you have already created.)
    • You will enter your DC Mail email address along with the temporary password provided to access your courses through OntarioLearn’s e-portal. (Once you complete your first login you will have the opportunity to update your password.)
    To set-up your DC Mail address follow these steps:
    Forwarding your DC Mail emails

    You have the option to forward your DC Mail to your personal email account. Watch this YouTube video for instructions: DC Mail Forwarding

    You can also choose to turn on Automatic Forwarding in Outlook

    Password Reset

    If needed, your network password can be reset here: https://mypassword.dc-uoit.ca

    Need Help?

    If you’re having trouble and need some help, you can also set-up your DC Mail account by calling our IT Help Desk at 905-721-3333, Option 1 and answer a series of security questions. You will need to have your student ID number ready, and let the Help Desk staff know you need to access your DC Mail, but you have never used it before as a PPL student.

      Step 3: Accessing your course (OntarioLearn)

      Your username to access your course will be your official DC Mail address.


      Your password is generated by OntarioLearn and will be sent to your DC Mail account only approximately five days before the course start date.  If you are a late registrant, you will receive the password within 24 hours after you register.  (To retrieve your unique password from OntarioLearn, go to www.dcmail.ca and use your Student (Banner) ID Number and network password to log into this service.)   Your password will be included in the email communication called “From Durham College: Your OntarioLearn Log in Details”

      Please note, there is no direct connection between your DC Mail password and the OntarioLearn password.  Your DC network credentials do not sync with OntarioLearn.

      Logging into OntarioLearn
      • Go to https://olportal.ontariolearn.com/login.php and login using your DC Mail address and the password from OntarioLearn provided to you in the “From Durham College: Your OntarioLearn Log in Details” email.
      • Once you complete your first login you will have the opportunity to update your password.
      • Please use your DC Mail email address and new password for all future logins.
      • If you are also registered in overlapping monthly intake courses you will continue to be able to login with your DC Mail address and the password you have created.
      • Reminder, you cannot access your course until the start date.
      • If you require assistance please navigate to OntarioLearn’s Online Support Center at http://www.ontariolearn.com/help
      • If you have not received your OntarioLearn password to your DC Mail account by the timeline indicated above, please contact ppl@durhamcollege.ca
      OntarioLearn Technical Support

      If you have forgotten your new password use the "Forgot Portal Password?" link on the OntarioLearn Portal login page to have a password reminder emailed to your DC Mail account. If problems persist contact Pearson Technical Support for assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, or phone (Toll Free): 1-800-695-5008 or visit the OntarioLearn site: http://www.ontariolearn.com/help/

      Step 4: Review Announcements
      • Once you have access to your OntarioLearn course, please review all Start-up announcements once you have successfully logged into the OntarioLearn ePortal.
      Step 5: Access your course (FirstClass)
      • To access your course, click on the course title to connect to the platform. A new browser window will open and you will be required to re-enter your username and password.
      • If your course is to be delivered using FirstClass, you will be required to download and install the FirstClass software before you can log in.
      • Select the FirstClass download link and follow the instructions. (You are only required to download and install the software once).
      Step 6: Access your course (Blackboard)
      • If your course is to be delivered using Blackboard, you must update the Personal Information section to include your email address. Failure to do this means the instructor has no way to contact you.
      • To update the Blackboard system with your personal email address:
            1. Login to the Blackboard system.
            2. Click on Personal Information, then click on Edit Personal Information.
            3. In the email field, delete “ontario_learn@embanet.com” and enter your personal email address.
            4. Check to make sure that the information you have entered is correct.
            5. At the bottom of the screen, select Submit.
            6. If you encounter any difficulties, please review the Frequently Asked Questions area for troubleshooting tips or contact the Embanet 24/7 Technical Support Help Desk.

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