OSAP Eligibility

If you are planning to enroll in one of the specified Ontario College Credential programs and are interested in applying for the Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP), we recommend contacting financialaid@durhamcollege.ca 6-8 weeks before registering for your first course. This step is crucial to determine your individual eligibility, including course load requirements and any potential restrictions specific to your situation.

For inquiries related to OSAP that are not about registration in these programs, please visit our Financial Aid webpage for comprehensive information and guidance.

Note: Professional and Part-time Learning programs do not qualify for Full-time OSAP funding.

If you are exploring Part-time Financial Aid options, please be aware that eligibility is restricted to certain Ontario College Credential programs listed below:


OSAP is available for select Durham College Micro-credentials. For more information, please visit the Government of Ontario website dedicated to OSAP funding for these programs.

Ontario College Diplomas

Ontario College 1-Year Certificates

Ontario College Graduate Certificates