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Taxation I

ACCT 3284

This is an introductory course to federal income tax in a Canadian setting. Students will gain an understanding of the underlying objectives and principles of income taxation. Topics include employment income, business income, income from property, investment income and capital gains. Personal tax returns for individuals will be completed both manually and using a tax preparation software program.


This course is equivalent to Taxation I (ACCT 2210 or ACCT 2213), covering all the learning outcomes in these courses. There are also additional topics incorporated which are not covered in ACCT 2210 or ACCT 2213 making it a more robust course.

This course is not for MAC users. Please note the tax software used is only available in a Windows PC version at this time. Students require Microsoft Excel.


  • ACCT 3264
  • ACCT 3204
  • ACCT 3208
  • ACCT 2213
  • ACCT 3210
  • ACCT 2210


  • (ACCT 1280 Accounting I
  • Or ACCT 1250 Accounting I
  • Or ACCT 1200 Accounting 1
  • Or ACCT 1290 Accounting I )

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10448September 12, 2023 to December 19, 202312:00 am - 12:01 am45Online$387.08CLOSEDNotify Me