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Income Tax Planning

FIN 4080

Taxes in Canada can account for a large portion of an individuals expenditures; as such Income Tax Planning plays an important role in providing individuals with methods to reduce and or eliminate taxes whenever possible. The Income Tax Planning Course will lead learns through completing basic income tax returns, a range of business structures, as well as federal and provincial tax legislation. Learners will also gain knowledge on how to make effective use of numerous tax deductions and credits; various types of tax advantages and the trade-offs between different benefits


The minimum passing grade for this course is 55%.

Student is required to purchase Text from CIFP (Approx $135.00) plus applicable taxes which also includes access to tests, other materials. Your instructor will provide you with the contract number and password required to register with CIFP during the first week of your course.

The final online exam will be proctored through The Canadian Institute of Financial Planners Virtual University website. Each student can have 2 attempts at each of the four CFP courses (additional fees may apply): RP, RMEP, SIP and ITP and a student must achieve at least a 60% to pass the exam.

Software Requirements: Students are required to purchase additional course materials from CIFP (Approx $135.00) plus applicable taxes which also includes access to tests and other materials. Financial Calculator is Required required for this course.


  • Spring/Summer - None required
  • Winter - None required


  • FIN 3080 Strategic Investment Planning

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