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Community Partnerships II

FWK 2383

This course provides students with an opportunity to work in a workplace environment in order to gain real-world experience and networking opportunities. While on placement, students have an opportunity to work with professionals to gain experience. This experience will impact on the students' understanding of the demands of the victim service environment and will serve to reinforce the importance of excellence in their remaining college class time.


Tuition includes a $3 non-tax deductible fee.


Please visit our Field Placement webpage for details about field placement, deadlines, paperwork requirements, frequently asked questions and how to get activated in DC Connect in order to submit your required paperwork.


  • Spring/Summer - None required


  • FWK 2313


  • FWK 1383 Community Partnerships I
  • And CRIM 1386 Impact of Crime
  • And DIVS 1380 Diversity and Victimology I: Indigenous Peoples
  • And INTR 1380 Victimology: Assessment and Intervention
  • And INTR 1383 Violence Against Women: Assessment and Intervention
  • And VCTM 1380 Victimization: Legal Perspectives
  • And REFL 2380 Reflection, Self-Care and Professional Practice in Victims' Services
  • And RESR 1383 Research Grant and Proposal Writing

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12471May 9, 2023 to August 15, 202312:00 am - 12:01 am150Distance EducationStephanie Percival$198.00CLOSEDNotify Me