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Human Trafficking & Intersectionality

HUMA 1581

Human trafficking is estimated to affect 21 million people worldwide. Canada is not exempt from this. This course is designed for law enforcement professionals, healthcare professionals, and professionals working in social services. Topics to be covered will include indicators and warning signs of human trafficking, referral services, and when and how to intervene. The course will cover the following topics: -overview of gender-based violence -an overview of what is human trafficking -an overview of what it looks like globally and then narrow in on the Canadian and Ontario context -identify the types of trafficking - identify vulnerable and at-risk populations and the risk factors that put them at risk - discuss various ways victims end up trafficked - the role of technology (both how it helps traffickers and how it helps law enforcement) -Indigenous realities in relation to human trafficking - review the existing Canadian laws and their gaps as well as issues related to prosecuting traffickers - an overview of the different industries that foster human trafficking - an overview of professionals/industries who can detect and have a role to end human trafficking - look at existing provincial and federal anti-trafficking initiatives and gaps - look into the needs of survivors of human trafficking both short term and long term.


  • Spring/Summer - None required
  • Fall - None required

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