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Lean Principles and Continuous Improvement

LEAN 4280

This course examines the fundamental concepts of Lean Manufacturing and the tools and techniques used to analyze and measure work systems. These techniques have the basic purpose of supporting the drive for perfect one-piece flow that result in improvements in organizational productivity and the reduction of waste. This course covers topics such as, Kaizen, Pull systems, single piece flow, Poka Yoke, SMED (single minute exchange of dies), 5S, Visual Control, Total Productive Maintenance, Right-sized Equipment and Standardized Work. As well, the basics of time study, work sampling, and Learning curve are investigated. Video resources are used extensively throughout the course to illustrate concepts in manufacturing and service environments.


  • Spring/Summer - None required


  • SCMT 2100


  • SCMT 2280 Operations and Process Management
  • Or SCMT 2200 Operations and Process Management

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