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Municipal Employment Readiness - 1 Month Access


When registered for this block of time, you will have access to the Municipal Employment Readiness program for a period of 1 month. Students must have already completed the 2-month block of time before registering for this 1-month option (only available if a student requires additional time to complete the program).

The Municipal Employment Readiness program is a short micro-credential designed to provide you with essential knowledge and skills that relate directly to rural municipal jobs. This program consists of three micro-courses (which are accessible through the purchase of this block of time): Municipal Legislation and Governance, Municipal Structure, Roles & Responsibilities, and Effectiveness in Municipal Government. When combining this learning with the right mix of existing transferable skills, you can increase your readiness for a role in rural municipal government.


  • This micro-credential is an open enrolment, competency-based program. Students can enroll and begin their studies at any time throughout the year. As a competency-based credential, students purchase one or more defined blocks of time to access the program.
  • All students must begin by purchasing a two-month time block. Upon registration, students have access to the first of three micro-courses. Each time a student successfully completes a micro-course (within the purchased time block) they will automatically be granted access to the next micro-course.
  • This is a self paced program and students have the opportunity to complete a portion or all the micro-courses within the initial two-month time block.
  • Extensions are not provided within an open enrolment program and it is the student’s responsibility to manage their time accordingly.
  • If a student does not complete the program within two months, they will need to buy additional block(s) of time in one month or two-week increments only, until they complete the program. When a student buys an additional block of time, there will be no need to re-do work already successfully completed. The student will return to the course and continue where they left off.
  • Within two business days of registering in an open enrolment program, the student will receive an email with the program login details and the student’s program access begins (i.e. block of time).
  • A digital badge will be awarded upon completion of this program (the completion of all 3 micro-courses). Individual micro-courses are only added to a student’s academic record upon the successful completion of the program (all 3 micro-courses).
  • Withdrawals are only accepted up to 3 calendar days after the student’s registration date (withdrawal fees will apply). No refunds or withdrawals are permitted after this date.
  • This program is not eligible for a tuition tax receipt.

  • Textbooks:

    • Spring/Summer - None required


    • MUNC 2MON Municipal Employment Readiness - 2 Month Access (required)

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    11298May 1, 2024 to August 26, 202412:00 am - 12:01 am0Open EnrollmentJoanne Hyde$155.38
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