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Emerging Trends and Innovation

TRAD 1182

Successful businesses not only respond to their current customer needs, but often anticipate future trends and use innovation to develop new ideas, products or services. The future of skilled trades will be shaped by emerging trends such as sustainability, new entrants to the skilled trades and applied research and development as well as skills shortages driven by demographic s and economic factors. Leaders and entrepreneurs in the trades need to develop the capacity to leverage these trends and other changes that may arise in the future. The online modality of this course allows for greater flexibility, access and engagement for tradespersons from a variety of backgrounds who wish to develop their capacity to innovate in their fields. Emerging Trends and Innovation in the Trades equips future leaders and entrepreneurs in the trades with the ability to analyze and manage emerging trends and nurture a culture of innovation within their fields. With the help of case studies, research reports, online collaborative tools and creative thinking methods, students develop the ability to continually improve the day-to-day operations and long-term sustainability of a trades business.


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