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Nephrology (Certificate)

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Durham College Certificate

Durham College Certificate

Program Description

The Nephrology program is a Durham College Certificate that prepares nurses to deliver kidney care to affected patients across all stages of the kidney care journey, from early detection through dialysis, transplant, and palliative care. Current nurses will learn the knowledge required to promote and deliver competent, safe and ethical care to those at risk for developing or affected by renal disease and/or insufficiency.

The curriculum has been designed and developed in accordance with the Canadian Nurses Association (CNA) nephrology nursing competencies and standards of practice established by the Canadian Association of Nephrology Nurses and Technologists (CANNT).

Admission Requirements

  • Current registration as a Registered Nurse or Registered Practical Nurse with the College of Nurses of Ontario, or equivalent from another province.
  • English Language Proficiency: Applicants possessing degrees/diplomas from institutions where the language of instruction was not English will be required to provide test scores as evidence of their English language proficiency. Note: Specifications to be defined as IELTS of 7.0 and/or equivalent.

Program Admission

  • Only original or certified copies of academic records will be accepted. In order for transcripts to be considered official, they must bear an original seal/stamp and/or official signature from an appropriate signatory. We do not accept photocopies or photos as this will make them unofficial as the school seal will not show.
  • Official transcripts must be sent by the issuing institution via email or an official credit service such as MyCreds™ – a secure digital credential platform that allows you to access and share the documents from anywhere in the world and at any time.
  • You can learn more about MyCreds™, including privacy and security, at MyCreds™.ca
  • For more information on admissions click here.

Click to access the Program Admission Form

This form must be submitted and an Admission Acceptance Letter received prior to registering for any courses.

Program Of Study

Students are required to print or save a copy of the Program of Study when beginning the program. This document contains critical details about program progression and graduation requirements specific to the academic year in which your program was started.

Click to access the Program of Study for the current academic year.

Students who began this program prior to the current academic year may contact the Professional and Part-Time Learning office at or 905-721-3052 to obtain your Program of Study and graduation requirements.

Program Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this program, students will be equipped to:

  • Determine physiological needs and care priorities by differentiating between normal and abnormal anatomy and function of the kidney and renal system
  • Educate family members affected by kidney disease about the diagnosis, etiology, therapeutic management, and care of individuals living with kidney disease
  • Adapt nursing care expectations for an individualized plan of care to respond to different at-risk populations
  • Integrate current and emerging research to make evidence-based decisions in person-centred care, and community-based practice
  • Implement an individualized approach to assessment and care planning for at-risk or people affected by kidney disease
  • Support individuals at risk for or living with kidney disease by designing care plans that include health and wellness and self-management strategies
  • Assist individuals with coping strategies and self-management capabilities to adopt personal health practices
  • Support an inter-professional collaborative delivery model and the implementation of effective nephrology nursing care by recommending evidence-based methods and tools
  • Recommend strategies to improve care by evaluating the nursing-sensitive, patient-level, community, and population-level outcomes
  • Advocate for individuals living with and families affected by kidney disease by adhering to nursing professional practice, legal, and ethical guidelines

Career Options

Potential career and industry options may include:

  • Kidney disease and dialysis clinics
  • Acute care nephrology units
  • In-home care

Program Related Questions? Call 905.721.3052

If you are interested in applying for financial aid, please visit the Professional and Part-Time Learning OSAP Eligibility webpage.