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PSW to PN Bridge (NTI)

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This is a new bridge initiative for working PSWs who wish to continue their studies toward qualifying to practice in Ontario as a Registered Practical Nurse (RPN). The courses are designed to offer flexible study options for working PSWs for core components of the bridging to Practical Nursing programs offered at Durham College.

Upon successfully completing six bridge courses, PSWs will be eligible for advanced entry into semester two of Durham College's Practical Nursing (PN) Program. Graduates of approved PN programs are eligible to apply to the College of Nurses of Ontario to write the registration exam to practice in Ontario as an RPN.


The PSW to PN bridge courses are available to PSWs who:

Have Canadian citizenship or Canadian permanent resident status or appropriate authorization under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (Canada) that permits an individual to engage in the practice of nursing in Ontario.

Graduated with a 65 percent cumulative average from a PSW program in Ontario that meets the Ontario Ministry of Colleges and Universities program standards (includes PSW programs offered by the public colleges, private career colleges, and district school boards in Ontario).

Have worked as a PSW in Ontario on a regular basis within the past five years.

Program Admission

Note: Please do not send official transcripts by mail or fax. An electronic copy of your transcript can be emailed to us at ppladmissions@durhamcollege.ca with your program admission form.

Students are required to complete and submit this form to indicate that the program's admission requirements have been met.

Click to access the Program Admission Form

This form must be submitted and an Admission Acceptance Letter received prior to registering for any courses.

Note, if you do not meet these criteria and are interested in exploring options for becoming a Practical Nurse, please visit the Practical Nursing program page.


The PSW to PN bridge consists of six courses and are offered online, asynchronously. Students are not required to take all courses simultaneously.

  • ANAT 1584 - Anatomy & Physiology
  • NURS 6580 - Nursing Theory Bridge
  • NURS 6582 - Nursing Professionalism
  • MATH 1584 - Math for Practical Nurses
  • HASS 6580 - Health Assessment*
  • NURS 6581 - Transition to Practical Nursing.

*Note, Durham College’s PSW to PN bridge program does not require students to complete the HASS 6580 - Health Assessment course. Other colleges may require this course and we encourage students to confirm your college's entrance requirements prior to enrolling into this course.


PSWs who successfully complete the bridge courses will be eligible to apply for advanced entry into semester two of the Practical Nursing diploma program at Durham College.

Applicants will need to apply and be accepted into a practical nursing diploma program.

Note: Admission to the Durham College PN program is highly competitive and may have a limited availability of spaces. Before applying to Durham College, please contact the Admissions office to confirm admission policies.


Our courses are flexible and while each course will have a schedule to follow,  coursework may be completed at any time within the week.


PSWs enrolled in the PSW to PN bridge may be eligible for tuition reimbursement through the Bridging Educational Grant in Nursing (BEGIN) program offered by the Registered Practical Nurses Association, also known as WeRPN.

BEGIN provides Ontario PSWs and RPNs with tuition reimbursement grants to explore new pathways in nursing, and expand their careers. Visit the WeRPN BEGIN Student Toolkit for eligibility and program details. For more information visit begin.werpn.com or email info@begin.werpn.com

Currently offered

Course Title Location/
Delivery Method
ANAT 1584Anatomy and Physiology (PSW to PN)Monthly Intake Online
ANAT 1584Anatomy and Physiology (PSW to PN)Online
HASS 6580Health Assessment - PSW to PNOnline
HASS 6580Health Assessment - PSW to PNMonthly Intake Online
MATH 1584Math for Practical Nurses (PSW to PN)Online
MATH 1584Math for Practical Nurses (PSW to PN)Monthly Intake Online
NURS 6582Nursing Professionalism (PSW to PN)Monthly Intake Online
NURS 6580Nursing Theory Bridge (PSW to PN)Monthly Intake Online
NURS 6581Transition to Practical Nursing (PSW to PN)Monthly Intake Online
NURS 6581Transition to Practical Nursing (PSW to PN)Online