Resources for PPL Students (OntarioLearn)

  • Each college will have mental health and wellness resources for their students. If you are concerned about a specific student, you may let me know and we can reach out to the host college directly. You may direct students to their host college’s wellness center and generically to:
    • GOOD2TALK: This free, confidential helpline provides professional counselling and information as well as referrals for mental health, addictions and well-being to post-secondary students in Ontario 24/7/365. Toll-free 1.866.925.5454. Available 24/7 – Good2Talk
    • Ontario 211 Community and Social Services Help Line: This is a free helpline and online database of Ontario’s community and social services. Dial 211 – Available 24/7 – visit website
  • There is some information included each course outline as it pertains to Academic Integrity.
  • Each college has resources available for their students about Academic Integrity.
  • Individual Student Accommodation information is shared with our PPL OntarioLearn program assistant who will then share this information directly with our instructors.
  • Students may also share this information with you directly.
  • If you believe a student in your course may benefit/require accommodations, you may direct them back to their host college. Each college may have a different “name” for this resource (At Durham College – students would be referred to our Access and Support Centre).
  • For specific student concerns, please contact me directly and I will have our team reach out to the host college.