Withdrawals and refunds

Course Cancellation

A full refund will be issued if Durham College cancels a course.


Once registered, you are academically and financially responsible for your course(s).

Failure to attend does not constitute withdrawal.

You must officially withdraw or transfer by the deadlines noted below using the Course Withdrawal form if you registered in person or by phone. If you registered online, you may use the online method.

All withdrawals are subject to a $30 administration fee. Regardless of payment methods and where feasible, all refunds will be by e-transfer otherwise a cheque will be issued.  Please allow two weeks for your e-transfer to be processed.  A PIN number to accept your e-transfer will be sent to your My Campus account.  Please keep this PIN number in a safe place.  Any future refunds will require it.  E-transfers, once sent, are available for 45 days.

Deadlines for Withdrawal

In-class Courses (16 hours in duration or more)

Students may withdraw prior to the start of the third class. Foot Care students must withdraw prior to the second class.

In-class Courses (that are 16 hours in duration or less), Weekend Workshops/Seminars

Students may withdraw no later than three college days prior to the scheduled start date.

Online Semester/Monthly Intake/Correspondence

Students may withdraw during the first 13 days after the official course start date. Any course materials (e.g. books, student kits, CDs, reference materials or supplies) included in the course fee must be returned to the office before a refund will be issued.

Monthly intake/Correspondence courses

Students may withdraw by the end of the 13th day after the official start date of the course.

Field Placements/Clinicals

Students may withdraw during the first 13 days after the official start date. Once students are cleared for placement no refund or transfer will be accepted.

Withdrawal without Academic Penalty

The last day to withdraw to avoid academic penalty is four weeks prior to the scheduled end date of the course. After this date, all marks achieved will be recorded on the student’s transcript.

Deadlines for Transfer


Only one transfer request per course is permitted. Refunds will not be given should the student choose to withdraw from the transferred course.

Transfers for in-class courses must be completed before the start of the third class.

For online, monthly intake and correspondence courses, transfers must be completed within the first 13 days from the official start of the course.

Transfer using the online method (only available if you registered using the online method)

Please have your Student ID number and password ready. Visit the transfer and withdrawal webpage to begin the transfer process and view a listing of your current course registrations.


Please call Strategic Enrollment Services at 905.721.3000 to request to be placed on a waitlist.

Durham College reserves the right to cancel courses, change course locations, teachers, dates or content as deemed necessary. In the event of a cancellation or change students will be notified by phone and/or email.