Students register for Business Field Placement courses in the same way they would do so for their theory courses.

If your Field Placement also has a Seminar course, you must register for both courses at the same time.

Do not wait until your paperwork has been approved before registering for the field placement course(s) online.  You must be registered and have your documentation submitted by the deadline posted.  Online registration is available for the business programs.

The following are the documents required for field placements in the Business program.

These forms are all found in the DC Connect Pre-Placement Paperwork module.


Upload to DC Connect:

Students attending a setting dealing with vulnerable persons, must contact the agency supervisor to determine if these two documents are required by the agency.

If the student is attending a hospital setting, the CRC & EIF are REQUIRED and must be provided/approved during the paperwork submission timeline.

The number of hours vary between programs. 

Please view the Field Placement course description for the required hours for your program's placement course(s) on the PPL website.

Yes.  Students in the business programs are required to research a suitable placement agency and provide the details to the Placement Officer using the application form found in the DC Connect Pre-Placement Paperwork module.

Yes, students can complete a placement in another province.

Students are required to research the agency, ensuring that all of the placement objectives, learning outcomes and supervision requirements can be met with that agency.

The field placements in the business programs may be eligible for the PLAR Challenge.

A Capstone course may be included in your program as an alternative to field placement.  Please view your Program of Study for available courses in the program.

For more information on the PLAR process and eligibility, please call 905-721-3053 or email