If you are wanting to apply for a field placement, please read the following list of Frequently Asked Questions thoroughly.
If your question is not answered in one of these FAQs, please feel free to contact the placement officer at

General Field Placement & Activation FAQs

What is the field placement paperwork submission and course registration deadline?


FALL 2020


Paperwork Submission Modules OPEN

MAR 2, 2020

JUL 6, 2020


Paperwork Submission Modules CLOSE

APR 14, 2020

AUG 25, 2020



MAY 12 – AUG 18

SEP 8 – DEC 15


Am I eligible for field placement?
You are eligible if you have the following:
  1. Successful completion of ALL required prerequisite courses
  2. Achieved a minimum Program GPA of 2.0
  3. Completed and uploaded all of the required documentation for your program's field placement by the posted deadline.
Note: You will be advised via email (sent to your email address) and removed from the placement course if you have not met the above minimum criteria.
How do I request activation in order to upload my placement paperwork?

All students wishing to apply for a field placement, must first request to be activated in their program's Pre-Placement Activation Module in order to submit the required documentation by the posted deadline.

Please complete the following steps below in order to request activation for DC Connect and access to Verified by Synergy Gateway:

Email and provide the following information:

  1. First & Last Name
  2. Student ID Number
  3. Program Name
  4. Placement level (if applicable) eg: Level 1, 2 or 3


  • Please submit your request only once.
  • Students will be required to upload pre-placement paperwork to DC Connect
  • Students are required to monitor their email account during the application process and throughout placement, as placement correspondence will only be sent to the student's address.  Personal email addresses will not be used.
Where do I upload my paperwork?

Business Programs:

Once you have requested activation in DC Connect, within 24-48 hours, you will see the "Pre-Placement Paperwork" module associated with your program.  This is where you will upload your documentation.

What is the pending activation module on my DC Connect course listing?

The "Pending Activation" module allows our IT department to register you in one of the "Pre-Placement Paperwork" modules. The "Pre-Placement Paperwork" module associated with your program will contain all of the required documentation for your program's field placement eligibility.

The Pending Activation module does not contain any assignment folders for uploading paperwork.

Does my paperwork have to be approved before I can register for the field placement course?

Business program students:

Do not wait until your paperwork has been approved before registering for the field placement course(s) online.  You must be registered and have your documentation submitted by the deadline posted.  Online registration is available for these programs.

I need to register for my field placement, but OSAP has not provided me with my funds yet. What do I do?
Please send an email to to advise the placement officer. Regardless of your OSAP status, you will be required to submit all of your complete documentation by the posted deadlines.
Can I call or email for placement status updates?

Every student is provided with feedback in DC Connect on each submission.  If you receive a "P" (Pass) for all items, the next step is for the Placement Officer to confirm and secure your agency and then clear you to begin.
We encourage students to check DC Connect and your account daily for updates and any important communication.

Depending on your program and the type of agency you are to be placed with, securing and confirming a placement can take time.  Multiple agencies may need to be contacted in order to find a suitable placement opportunity.

You will be contacted as soon as an agency has been confirmed for you.

Business Program Specific FAQs

How do I register?

Students register for Business Field Placement courses in the same way they would do so for their theory courses.

If your Field Placement also has a Seminar course, you must register for both courses at the same time.

What documents are required for my field placement?

The following are the documents required for field placements in the Business program.  These forms are all found in the DC Connect Pre-Placement Paperwork module.

  • Completed application form
  • Four Online Health & Safety Training Modules:
    • Worker Health & Safety Awareness in 4 Steps
    • WHMIS
    • AODA
    • Workplace Violence and Harassment Prevention
  • Diversity Certificate Module

(Due to updates to these certificates, as of October 2108, the certificates must be completed within the Pre-Placement Paperwork module)

Am I required to submit a Criminal Reference Check (CRC) or Health Forms (EIF)?

Students attending a setting dealing with vulnerable persons, must contact the agency supervisor to determine if these two documents are required by the agency.

If the student is attending a hospital setting, the CRC & EIF are REQUIRED and must be provided/approved during the paperwork submission timeline.

How many hours must I complete for placement?

The number of hours vary between programs.  Please view the Field Placement course description for the required hours for your program's placement course(s) on the Centre for Professional and Part-time Learning website:

I work full time, how can I do a placement also?

Students may find it necessary to make personal adjustments to work and/or family schedules in order to complete the field placement. Options to be considered are: leaves of absence, use of vacation time, extended work hours to free up hours for placement, etc. We recognize that such arrangements require a great deal of time and effort on the students’ (and their families’) part and applaud their commitment to the achievement of their goals.

How many hours can I do per week?

In the Business programs, students are required to arrange a mutually suitable schedule with the host agency supervisor. When arranging their schedule, students must ensure they meet the required number of hours by the end date of the course.

Am I required to find my own placement?

Yes.  Students in the business programs are required to research a suitable placement agency and provide the details to the Placement Officer using the application form found in the DC Connect Pre-Placement Paperwork module.

Can I do my placement in another province?

Students considering a placement in another province are required to contact the Placement Officer a minimum of 3-4 months prior to the term in which they wish to do their placement course, as it may take a significant amount of time to verify and secure an appropriate out of province agency.

Students are required to research the agency, ensuring that all of the placement objectives, learning outcomes and supervision requirements can be met with that agency.

May I do my placement where I work?

Doing your placement where you work is a conflict of interest and is not permitted.

May I do my placement where a relative is employed?

Students are not permitted to complete a placement experience where they have a relative or familial relationship with anyone with supervisory responsibility at the agency. This would be considered a conflict of interest.

My agency host wants to pay me, is this allowed?

Field placements are unpaid learning opportunities, and therefore, students are not permitted to accept payment for the field placement experience.

May I begin my placement before the course begins?

No. Students must ensure that they have been officially cleared prior to beginning their hours at the host agency.  Clearance will not occur prior to the start date for the placement course.

Any hours completed prior to official clearance will not be counted and must be made up before the end of the course.

How will I know when I can begin my hours?
Each student will receive official clearance via email to their account only advising them of placement details and official clearance date.
What is the withdrawal policy for field placements?

Students may withdraw/transfer during the first 13 days after the official start date.

If students have been given official clearance to begin placement, no refund or transfer will be accepted.

Am I able to challenge any/all of my field placements?

For more information on the PLAR process and eligibility, please call 905-712-3053 or email