Online Exams


To ensure academic standards, many online courses require students to write a mid-term and/or final examination. Please refer to the evaluation information provided in your course to confirm any proctored examination requirement. Your instructor will also provide you with details regarding your course examinations (if applicable).

Online Proctored Exams

Durham College uses the online proctoring service “Examity” for mid-term and final exams held through our online courses. To complete an online proctored exam, all that is required is a computer, a web cam and a high-speed Internet connection. You do not require any additional software prior to your exam session. During your online exam, the live online proctor will provide any necessary software to effectively monitor your exam session remotely. Once your exam session is complete, the proctor will conclude the session and remove any remote proctoring software from your workstation.

Students must ensure that they follow all provided instructions for any of their courses that have an online proctored exam requirement. It is the student’s responsibility to follow the directions provided to plan, schedule and book your exam time within the required date range. It is extremely important to note that there will be no extensions granted. It is the student’s responsibility to read and understand all the exam instructions provided by the instructor and included within the course. The information provided will outline everything you need to know to complete your exam.


Please note, when you schedule your exam, the proctoring fee has been included as part of the course fee. However, should you miss your scheduled exam time, or do not reschedule within the required timelines, you will be charged the full exam fee to reschedule.


If additional charges are incurred for any late reservations or last-minute cancellations, students will be required to pay these fees directly. If you are a “no-show” to your scheduled exam session and an additional exam session is required, you will be personally responsible for all charges associated with rescheduling the exam session.


You will be charged an additional fee for any exam session scheduled with less than 24 hours' notice. Please ensure you schedule your exam early to avoid this on-demand fee. All cancellations or changes within 24 hours of the examination start time will also result in an additional fee. All fees are the student’s responsibility and must be paid in full to Examity directly.

Accommodated Testing

For Durham College students with exceptionalities whose needs cannot be met in an online or classroom environment, the Durham College Test Centre provides an accommodated test and exam environment. In order to access accommodated testing at the Test Centre, students must be registered with the Access and Support Centre (ASC). For details on how to register for accommodated testing click here.

In-Person Proctored Exams

Durham College students who live outside a 100-kilometer radius of the college, that have an exceptionality that requires a proctored exam to be administered in-person, must register with the Access and Support Centre (ASC).

Once registered with the ASC, the student has two options to arrange an in-person proctored exam.

  • Arrange to write the exam under the supervision of an approved proctor.
    The student is responsible for obtaining a professional to act as the proctor (who must be approved by Durham College) and any additional fees incurred, i.e. proctor fees and/or exam courier fees. If you are planning to use a proctor, a proctor form must be completed and returned via email to Please note: proctor forms must be received by the Professional and Part-Time Learning office at least 10 business days prior to your scheduled exam date for approval.

It is important to remember that there are various proctoring options available to you, including ones that have no associated cost. If you have questions about your options, please email