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Energy Resources (Alternative Energy)

ENVI 1182

This course will deal with the issues of traditional and non-renewable energy sources such as crude oil, natural gas, coal and nuclear energy, as well as renewable energy sources like hydroelectricity, solar, ocean, geothermal and wind energy. Students will obtain a broad understanding of current resources, technologies and their limitations; and a realistic appreciation of what energy sources and technologies may be feasible in the future. Energy is one of the essential needs of a modern society. The scale of its use is closely associated with a society's prosperity and the quality of life that its members experience. However, it has become increasingly clear to all that the prevailing energy system, based on non-renewable sources is unlikely to be sustainable. As a result, the implementation of alternative energy systems have gained momentum in our high energy-consuming society over the last few decades. This course will provide a general overview of various energy sources both conventional and non-conventional. It will also assist students to assess critically the important current debates on energy and the environmental impacts of its generation, storage, transportation and use.


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