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Human Rights Management for Professionals (Certificate)

Durham College Certificate

Durham College Certificate

Program Description

The Human Rights Management for Professionals certificate program is comprised of two micro-credentials (level 1 and level 2) and is appropriate for anyone who manages employees and requires the skills needed to address human rights matters. The program is also highly relevant for HR professionals who support managers and/or employees. Being able to accommodate and support all employees appropriately is critical in today’s ever-changing world. This program addresses the challenges people managers can face when dealing with employee accommodations, examines strategies to address these challenges according to laws and policies, and discusses how to become advocacy leaders to support diverse staff needs.

Upon the successful completion of each micro-credential, a digital badge will be awarded. Upon completing both micro-credentials successfully, students can apply to received their Durham College certificate.

Level 1 micro-credential takes a holistic view of managing disabilities, understanding the Human Rights Code and legal requirements, mental health strategies as they relate to the Ontario Human Rights Commission’s Policy, and disability management theory, principles and practices.

Level 2 micro-credential takes a deeper examination into the topics of return to work processes, policies and barriers, an employer’s obligation to accommodate, return to work regulations, strategies to deal with discrimination and harassment in the workplace, chronic mental stress and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Students learn techniques needed to have difficult conversations and advocate for positive change.

Certificate Requirements

  • Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) including Grade 12 English (C or U) and Grade 11 Math (C, M or U)
    Grade 12 equivalency certificate achieved through College academic upgrading
    Mature Student Status (19 years of age or older) with Grade 12 English (C or U) and Grade 11 Math (C, M or U)

  • You must maintain an overall average of 60% or a GPA of 2.0 in order to graduate
  • A minimum of 25% of courses must be completed through Durham College.

This program is designed for human resources professionals and managers. It is recommended that students have a Human Resources background, experience managing people, and/or a diploma or degree in business or Human Resources.

A digital badge will be awarded upon successful completion of each micro-credential. After successful completion of all courses within each of the micro-credentials you must notify us via email at Once verified, a digital badge will be issued to you.

Program Of Study

Students are required to print or save a copy of the Program of Study when beginning the program. This document contains critical details about program progression and graduation requirements specific to the academic year in which your program was started.

Click to access the Program of Study for the current academic year.

Students who began this program prior to the current academic year may contact the Professional and Part-Time Learning office at or 905-721-3052 to obtain your Program of Study and graduation requirements.

Program Outcomes

Upon completion of this program, students will be equipped to:

  • Adhere to organizational, legal, ethical and occupational health and safety policies and procedures that impact accommodation services delivery.
  • Coordinate the planning, implementation, management and evaluation of return to work and accommodation initiatives.
  • Promote and implement accessible and responsive programs and services which recognize the diverse needs and experiences of individuals, groups, families and communities.
  • Develop human resources, human relations, organizational culture, community and union relations by applying leadership and management skills in a multidisciplinary team.
  • Develop and implement strategies to negotiate return to work and work accommodations between employees, families, employers, unions, medical practitioners, and insurance representatives.
  • Formulate an approach of cultural humility in accommodations to meet the needs of clients, employers and families.

Career Options

Potential career and industry options may include:

  • Ideal for Human Resource personnel and/or any professionals who manage staff across a variety of industries, who are looking to gain the skills needed to uphold employee’s human rights. The focus will be on aligning the associated accommodations, as well as laws and policies to become an advocate to support diverse staffing needs.

Program Related Questions? Call 905.721.3052

If you are interested in applying for financial aid, please visit the Professional and Part-Time Learning OSAP Eligibility webpage.

Currently offered

Course Title Location/
Delivery Method
ADVC 1280Communication and AdvocacyOnline
DISM 1280Disability Management IOnline
DISM 2280Disability Management IIOnline
DISM 1281Holistic Approach To Disability ManagementOnline
HRTS 1280Human Rights Law IOnline
HRTS 2280Human Rights Law IIOnline
MHWL 1280Mental Health and Wellness IOnline
MHWL 2280Mental Health and Wellness IIOnline