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Anatomy & Physiology I

BIO 1581

Anatomy and Physiology I examines the normal structure and function of the human adult. The course begins with an orientation to the human body, the levels of organization within the body and the inter-related and interdependence of body systems. The concepts of metabolism, fundamental physiological needs and homeostasis are introduced. All knowledge is then applied to the study of the integumentary, skeletal, muscle and the nervous systems. Learner preparation and learning activities are designed to promote critical thinking.


  • The minimum passing grade for this course is 60%.

  • DAY SCHOOL EQUIVALENT: ANAT 1500 is equivalent only if students have successfully completed BOTH BIO 1581 AND BIO 2582. Students must apply for a credit transfer to have their courses credited towards ANAT 1500. Please see the Credit Transfer process.

  • FAST TRACK: The Fast Track (accelerated) course option cannot be completed in less than 7 weeks. Students must successfully complete BIO 1581 BEFORE they begin BIO 2582. Students should not register to complete BIO 1581 and BIO 2582 simultaneously. These are asynchronous courses that require students to follow a weekly schedule and complete all assessments within the assigned timeframes. These are not self-paced offerings.

    Note: Please let the instructor know on the first day of your intention to fast-track the course.

    Anatomy & Physiology I - BIO 1581 is scheduled for both Semester Intake & Monthly Intake .
    Anatomy & Physiology II - BIO 2582 is scheduled for both Semester Intake & Monthly Intake .
    Students attempting to complete both courses in one semester should register for BIO 1581 for a semester start and BIO 2582 for the following monthly intake start.

  • HOW TO REGISTER: Students can register online using the links below or by calling enrolment services at 905-721-3000. Payment is due at the time of registration. These courses are normally offered for both Semester intake as well as a Monthly intake. (ie. Spring/Summer - May and July; Fall - Sept and Nov; Winter - Jan and March). Students who have additional questions and/or require support in determining the correct course CRN to register in, should contact their student advisor or PPL via 905-721-3052, live chat or in person for further direction.

  • PROCTORED MID-TERM AND FINAL EXAMS: The mid-term exam and final exam for this course are online proctored exams. Detailed instructions are provided to students by their course facilitator. Students are responsible for scheduling their own exams. Students who miss their scheduled exam time, and/or do not reschedule within the required timelines, will be charged additional exam fees to reschedule.

  • Equivalents:

    • BIO 1502

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