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Pathophysiology II

PATH 4583

This course will study advanced concepts of pathophysiology and related disease processes. Using a body system approach and building of the concepts discussed in Pathology I the student will continue to explore the pathology of variety of disorders. With each unit diagnostic testing common to the system will be examined and their role in diagnosis and prognostic outcomes. Specific diseases and disorders will be discussed to apply learned concepts and how they affect the structure and function of the human body. Basic treatment modalities will be reviewed as a foundation of learning to be expanded upon in the practicum experience.


  • Note: The minimum passing grade for this course is 60%. Streamed clips are inserted into this course.
  • You can fast track this course in 7 weeks, please let the instructor know the first day you log on.
  • Equivalent: PATH 3505 is equivalent only if students have successfully completed BOTH Pathophysiology I PATH 3583 AND Pathophysiology II PATH 4583 . Students should follow the Credit Transfer process in order to have their completion of BOTH PATH 3583 AND PATH 4583 recognized for PATH 3505.
  • Note: The final exam for this course is online. It is a proctored exam. When you schedule your exam, the proctoring cost is included. However, if you miss your scheduled exam time, or do not reschedule within the required timelines, you will be charged the full exam fee to reschedule.

  • Prerequisites:

    • (PATH 3583 Pathophysiology I

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