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Library Technician (Two-Year Ontario College Diploma)

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Ontario College Diploma

Ontario College Diploma

Program Description

Libraries are constantly evolving in their delivery and management of information. Library and Information Technicians have the knowledge and practical skills needed to perform in today’s evolving library environment. Combining theory and hands-on practice, students will learn to acquire, organize, produce, retrieve and disseminate information in print and electronic formats. Led by experienced librarians, this program will help prepare you for employment in academic, public, school and special libraries and other information service settings. Through a carefully-designed program of study that combines theory and hands-on field placement, you will learn to acquire, organize, produce, retrieve and disseminate information in print and electronic formats.

Admission Requirements

  • Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) including Grade 12 English (C or U)
    Grade 12 equivalency certificate achieved through College academic upgrading
    Mature Student Status (19 years of age or older) with Grade 12 English (C or U)

    To view alternatives to the above Grade 12 English requirement, please visit Durham College's English Proficiency Requirement webpage.

  • Clear Criminal Reference Check with Vulnerable Sector Screening is required for Field Placement. Without this, you may not be accepted for placement by a field placement agency and may be unable to complete the requirements of the program.
  • You must maintain an overall average of 60% or a GPA of 2.0 in order to graduate
  • A minimum of 25% of courses must be completed through Durham College.

Program Admission

Note: Please do not send official transcripts by mail or fax. An electronic copy of your transcript can be emailed to us at with your program admission form.

Students are required to complete and submit this form to indicate that the program's admission requirements have been met.

Click to access the Program Admission Form

This form must be submitted and an Admission Acceptance Letter received prior to registering for any courses.

Program Of Study

Students are required to print or save a copy of the Program of Study when beginning the program. This document contains critical details about program progression and graduation requirements specific to the academic year in which your program was started.

Click to access the Program of Study for the current academic year. Note: Before beginning this credential, please be advised that one or more courses in this program are not MAC compatible.

Students who began this program prior to the current academic year may contact the Professional and Part-Time Learning office at or 905-721-3052 to obtain your Program of Study and graduation requirements.

General Education Electives: This program requires the completion of General Education Elective (GNED) courses in addition to core program courses.

Click to access General Education Elective Course Options

IMPORTANT NOTE: Some programs may have restrictions on the specific GNED courses that students are able to take to fulfill their program requirements. For Professional and Part-Time Learning students, these restrictions are identified on the link above. For those in full-time, day school programs, please consult your academic school for confirmation of any GNED restrictions for your program before registering.

Field Placement

This program contains a field placement requirement. For details, including paperwork submission deadlines, please visit the Field Placement Page.

Program Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this program, students will be equipped to:

  • Develop collections and acquire book and non-book materials using manual and automated procedures for bibliographic verification, vendor selection, order production, and fund management.
  • Derive, edit and/or create catalogue or metadata records using internationally accepted rules or standards including AACR2, RDA, MESH, LCSH, LCC and DDC using MARC coding in bibliographic utilities, and computer-based systems.
  • Adopt best practices and professional accountability in different types of libraries and information services.
  • Conduct reference interviews, analyze information requests in a variety of topic areas, provide instructional assistance, conduct searches using print sources, commercial databases and online resources, and deliver excellent client service.
  • Maintain serials control, circulation systems and inter-library loans in manual, electronic, and web-based environments.
  • Develop and prepare promotional materials, library programming, bibliographies, finding tools and reports using word processing and publishing programs.
  • Develop databases and indexes, use integrated library systems and create web sites using current standards and technology.
  • Recognize, identify and demonstrate ability to work in an archive, records management or information management setting and consider different needs of archival patrons and records or information management clients.
  • Examine theories and practice of library management and supervision and budget preparation.

Career Options

Potential career and industry options may include:

  • public libraries and regional library services
  • libraries and resource centres serving colleges, universities, elementary and secondary schools and school boards
  • special libraries, such as those found in law offices, hospitals, corporations and government departments and agencies
  • bibliographic utilities, online and library system vendors and electronic publishers
  • the information services industry
  • cultural and non-profit organizations

Program Related Questions? Call 905.721.3052

If you are interested in applying for financial aid, please visit the Professional and Part-Time Learning OSAP Eligibility webpage.

Currently offered

Course Title Location/
Delivery Method
LIBR 3083AcquisitionsOnline
LIBR 1083ArchivesOnline
GNED 1587Artificial Intelligence (7 weeks)Online
GNED 1587Artificial Intelligence (7 weeks)Monthly Intake Online
WRIT 1981Children's Literature IntroductionOnline
WRIT 1981Children's Literature IntroductionMonthly Intake Online
LIBR 2080Circulation and Inter-Library LoanOnline
GNED 1489Complementary Therapies IntroductionOnline
COMP 1281Computers an IntroductionOnline
COMP 1281Computers an IntroductionMonthly Intake Online
PSYC 2080Criminal Psychology - Criminal MindsOnline
PSYC 2080Criminal Psychology - Criminal MindsMonthly Intake Online
PSYC 1080Criminal Psychology - Psychopathic MindsMonthly Intake Online
PSYC 1080Criminal Psychology - Psychopathic MindsOnline
ENG 1080Critical ThinkingOnline
ENG 1080Critical ThinkingMonthly Intake Online
CRIM 1080Cults and TerrorismOnline
CRIM 1080Cults and TerrorismMonthly Intake Online
LIBR 2081Database Design for Information WorkersMonthly Intake Online
LIBR 2081Database Design for Information WorkersOnline
GNED 1483Domestic and Workplace ViolenceOnline
LIBR 1085Electronic Publishing and Emerging TechnologiesOnline
ENVI 1080Environmental CitizenshipOnline
ENVI 1080Environmental CitizenshipMonthly Intake Online
LIBR 1086Genre Fiction & Readers' Advisory ServiceOnline
GNED 1380Global CitizenshipOnline
GNED 1484History of Indigenous Canadian RelationsOnline
LIBR 1087Human Relations and SupervisionOnline
CHLD 4581Human SexualityOnline
CHLD 4581Human SexualityMonthly Intake Online
LIBR 5082Indexing and Subject AnalysisOnline
GNED 1488Indigenous Identity and Relationship to the LandOnline
LIBR 1181Indigenous Perspectives for Library and Information TechniciansOnline
LIBR 1081Information Technology for Library TechniciansOnline
COMM 1081Intercultural CommunicationOnline
GNED 1381Legalization of Cannabis in Canada (7 weeks)Online
GNED 1381Legalization of Cannabis in Canada (7 weeks)Monthly Intake Online
LIBR 1080Libraries IntroductionOnline
LIBR 4082Library ClassificationOnline
LIBR 2087Library Financial Management & BudgetingMonthly Intake Online
LIBR 3085Library Programming, Marketing and AdvocacyOnline
LIBR 5089Library Technician Field Work IOnline
LIBR 6089Library Technician Field Work IIOnline
ENG 1384LiteratureOnline
LIBR 2086Online SearchingOnline
ORGS 5281Organizational StudiesOnline
ORGS 5281Organizational StudiesMonthly Intake Online
PSYC 1083Personality PsychologyOnline
PFP 8215Politics and Public AdministrationOnline
RIM 1080Records & Information Management FundamentalsOnline
LIBR 3086Reference ProcessesOnline
LIBR 4086Reference Services and SourcesOnline
LIBR 2082Resource Description and Access IOnline
LIBR 3082Resource Description and Access IIOnline
LIBR 1089School LibrariesOnline
GNED 1474Science of Popular Diets: Impact of Nutrition on Human WellnessOnline
PSYC 1051Selected Topics in PsychologyOnline
PSYC 1051Selected Topics in PsychologyMonthly Intake Online
LIBR 3084SerialsOnline
SOCI 1051Sociology IntroductionMonthly Intake Online
SOCI 1051Sociology IntroductionOnline
LIBR 1180Special LibrariesOnline
FUND 1081Strategic Management of CampaignsOnline
LIBR 1183Strategies for Instruction for Library TechniciansOnline
HLTH 1387Stress, Wellness & NutritionMonthly Intake Online
HLTH 1387Stress, Wellness & NutritionOnline
GNED 1491The Game of Soccer and its Impact on SocietyOnline
GNED 1487Truth & ReconciliationOnline
GNED 1281Western: A Study in the Film GenreOnline
RELG 1980World Religions: Western and Eastern TraditionsOnline
LIBR 1182Youth Services and IssuesOnline