Resources for PPL Students (Durham College)

  • When we talk about academic integrity, we mean academic honesty. Students are responsible for completing their studies in an open, honest, and responsible manner.
  • We encourage students to reach out to their professor, student advisor, or Student Academic Learning Services (SALS) if they have any questions about their rights and responsibilities for maintaining academic integrity as a Durham College student.
  • Learning Resources / FAQ / Videos etc – Academic Integrity | MyDC (
  • Individual Student Accommodation information is shared with us through our ASC team who will then share this information directly with our instructors.
  • Students may also share this information with you directly.
  • If you believe a student in your course may benefit/require accommodations: the Access and Support Centre (ASC) provides confidential services to students who are temporarily at-risk or identified with an exceptionality, to ensure equal access to all aspects of the academic environment.
  • The ASC provides accommodations to meet student’s individual needs through assistive technology and through coaching on self-advocacy and success strategies.
  • The ASC team works in partnership with the students and faculty to coordinate appropriate support to ensure inclusive and accessible learning environments on campus. For information please call 905.721.3123 or email