Access Copyright

A Cheat-Sheet to Understanding your Access Copyright Licence

Use the Access Copyright Title Search and Permissions Tool to confirm permissions of the publication(s) you wish to use.


Print Status of Publication

Total percentage of Pages Requested

Require Additional Permission from AC?





Of a repertoire work, you can make copies of up to twenty percent (20%), or;

1. an entire page or article from a magazine, journal or newspaper

2. an entire short story, play, poem, essay or article from a repertoire work that contains other published works.

3. an entire entry or article from a reference work

4. an entire reproduction of an artistic work (including any drawing, painting, print, photograph or other reproduction of a work of sculpture, architectural work or work of artistic craftsmanship) from a repertoire work that contains other published works.

5. an entire chapter from a book, provided that it is no more than twenty‐five percent (25%) of that Work


0.01% – 20%


Enter in the course pack reporting elog


20.01% – 100%


You have the right to copy up to 100% of an out of print publication.  Above the 20% allowance for an out of print work, the rate is $12 per copy.  For example, you can assemble a course resource using 85% of an out of print text, for a class of 10 students (making 10 copies of the resource). The cost will be $120.  Please contact Access Copyright for processing Out of Print copying above 20% subject to payment through a Transactional Licence.


> 20%


Request Permission from Access Copyright.  We will work with the publisher to obtain permissions for your request.


Print Status Legend**
(the Access Copyright look-up tool will list the status of the publication)

IP In print
O/S Out of stock
O/SI Out of stock indefinitely
O/P Out of print


1. You wish to include 17% of a textbook in a course pack. If the Access Copyright Title Search and Permissions Tool indicates the work is in its repertoire, you can proceed with printing and adding publication to reporting log. As per the above, the print status of the text is irrelevant for printing below 20% and all statuses are allowed up to 20% under your licence.
2. An instructor would like to provide 23% of an “out of stock” textbook as a handout for students. You will need to contact Access Copyright for permissions, as this is above the 20% allowance of your licence.
3. An instructor would like to post a published essay to their LMS course page. The individual essay is 22% of the book in which it is published in. You can proceed with placing content on LMS.  As defined in your licence terms, copies of up to 20% OR an entire page, story, essay, article, poem, etc. are permitted.
4. Request is for 92% of a publication labelled “In Print” on the Access Copyright title search page.  You heard from the publisher previously that this particular title would be going out of print. You send this information through to Access Copyright, who determine the publication is indeed now Out of Print.  You can proceed with creating copies consisting of 20% of this publication and report the copies that were made, the balance 80% will be processed via Transaction Licence at a rate of $12 per copy.