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The Elders teach us “Before we can know who we are as a people and where we are going, we must first understand where we have come from.”

Durham College’s First Peoples Indigenous Centre (FPIC) was given the name Suswaaning Endaajig through a traditional naming Ceremony.  It means ‘nest away from home’ in Anishinaabemowin.  The four eggs in the nest symbolize the four colours of the Medicine Wheel and the nest represents a safe place for growth.

The Medicine Wheel


  • The First Peoples Indigenous Centre (FPIC) offers a culturally recognizable and inviting environment for Indigenous learners
  • Materials for Indigenous crafts are available to make items such as: dream catchers, Medicine Wheels and beading
  • A quiet study space along and laptop computers are available
  • A variety of board and card games are available for use
  • Students will have the opportunity to make traditional hand drums and learn about the teachings of the drum
  • Sewing machines and materials are available to make medicine bags and regalia


  • Staff members work with students to identify and address a wide variety of barriers and advocate on behalf of students both on campus and within the community
  • The common room is a great space for socializing, studying, relaxing and engaging in cultural activities
  • A variety of Indigenous resources (DVDs, books, CDs) are available
  • Cultural workshops are provided


  • Indigenous students are welcome to the FPIC and encouraged to utilize the space as their own
  • Indigenous Coaches are available to support students through one-on-one appointments to help students with academic or personal challenges and/or make referrals to on campus and community resources


  • Traditional Elders are available at the FPIC for private one-on-one counselling
  • Traditional teachings are held throughout the year
  • The Traditional Medicines (Sage, Sweetgrass, Cedar and Tobacco) are available for use Traditional events and Ceremonies are facilitated throughout the academic year
  • Full Moon Ceremonies are conducted monthly

First Peoples Indigenous Centre events

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Contact us


T: 905-721-2000 ext. 2529 or 2573




First Peoples Indigenous Centre service continues to be available via email, telephone, and video.
Response time or hours of service are Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.