DC is committed to providing students with a high-quality academic experience. All scheduled academic activities and services, including on-campus learning through classes and labs, continue as planned while Durham Region is under red-zone restrictions. For a full list of what is open on campus or operating virtually, please visit our COVID-19 winter semester page.
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I ♥ DC because…

I love Durham College because of how genuine and caring the teachers are. They truly care about your success.

Alanna Sloan, Public Relations.

I ♥ DC because…

I love Durham College because the atmosphere is so warm, caring and inviting. You know from the moment you set foot inside the doors that everyone wants to see you be successful, and are willing to help you achieve your goals.

Jean Braithwaite, Internet Applications and Web Development.

I ♥ DC because…

I love Durham College because it’s my first year and my teachers are very helpful and welcoming.

I have a lot of freedom and am able to be my own person; there are so many new people to meet and so many programs and activities to get involved in.


Alexandra Carriere
First-year student

I ♥ DC because…

I love Durham College because the environment is so welcoming and the atmosphere is very positive. I know a lot of people say the same thing but it’s true!

Nicole Caissie
First-year student

I ♥ DC because…

I love Durham College because of how I am treated as a student. I have already graduated from a University where i did not feel as welcome as I do here at Durham. It is a place where I can learn, and also enjoy myself!

It’s a great place to go to school.

Melissa DeGasperis
Student – Print Journalism

I ♥ DC because…

I love Durham College because the accessibility is awesome, I am depended on a wheelchair for mobility and I find it very easy to get around all over campus.

Oliver Zlatanovski
911 Emergency and Call Centre Communications

I ♥ DC because…

I love DC because the teachers really want to see you succeed. Also, they have previous experience in the field they are teaching and bring examples to the classroom to help you learn and understand.

Amanda Rowen
Office Administration – Legal

I ♥ DC because…

I love DC because, it is increasing my knowledge and essential skills preparation in my field so, I can have a better opportunities for the future. The campus and facilities are amazing.

Shiva Maghsoudi, Chemical Engineering.

I ♥ DC because…

because it is a wonderful place to meet new friends and participate in exciting events. The atmosphere is very positive from both students and faculty alike.

Michael Cronin, Alumni 

I ♥ DC because…

because of the great staff and activities.

Steve Brunet, Sports Administration