I ♥ DC because…

I ♥ DC because I feel accepted by the people.

Daniel Presley-Spinks – Current student

I ♥ DC because…

DC provides excellent education and activities throughout semesters and the plus point about DC is that they provide you with cheaper, unlimited transit. None of the other colleges do. I love DC!

Syed Rizvi – First year student

I ♥ DC because…

I <3 DC because I get to see my classmates every day and make new friends!

Kayley Cheung – Team Experience Member
Public Relations

I ♥ DC because…

 The diversity – I love that there are people of all ages bringing different creative ideas and life experiences to class!

Jake Moss – Team Experience Member
Advertising and Marketing Communications

I ♥ DC because…

I would just like to commend both staff and students at Durham College. Both have proven to be polite, caring and courteous towards me…. a very mature student. 

Doors have been held open for me, smiles shared, conversations struck up, and just because I’m there. 

My genuine gratitude to every one for making the return to college, for me, a mother of three son’s, a grandson, a granddaughter and with another grandchild on the way, feel so welcomed and a part of the entire experience. Bless your hearts! 

Thank you for your random acts of kindness. They truly help to make the entire experience a very positive and hopeful one!

Business Administration – Accounting

I ♥ DC because…

I graduated from college in June and I just want to go back to school because DC made the experience so much fun! #IHeartDC


I ♥ DC because…

I heart DC because they have amazing professors and I get to meet new friends!


I ♥ DC because…

I heart DC because with the ACG graduate certificate program I can finally achieve my goals of hanging with the elderly!


I ♥ DC because…

It’s a great feeling as a first year student to be excited for college because of such a wonderful environment!

Missy-May Galbraith

I ♥ DC because…

Some are not big advocates for their college, but they must not have gone to Durham College. I’m nearly graduated & I <3 DC.

Lizzie Clark – Public Relations