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I ♥ DC because…

I love Durham College because the teachers are friendly and easy to learn from.  There are fun activities all year around.

I can get involved in the DC Crew.

Hubert Chan

Business Administration – Operations Management

I ♥ DC because…

I love Durham College because the school has everything you, as a student need to be successful! Durham College has; small classes, awesome professors, and a ton of resources to help you succeed. The resources at Durham are extremely helpful if you are struggling academically. There are learning strategists at the Student Academic Learning Services (SALS) that specialize in specific subject areas to help you in your classes. The SALS centre also has workshops and clinics to help you narrow down the area in where you are struggling. Durham also has a large academic library and a computer commons to allow you to get as much work done while you are at school as possible. We also have a great gym on campus! At the Campus Wellness and Recreation Centre you can use the exercise equipment as well as the gym and there are even squash courts for students to use! Whether you live on or off campus there is all ways something on campus to do in your spare time! 

Danielle DiPietro

Sports Management

I ♥ DC because…

I love Durham College because it has a friendly atmosphere and dedicated teachers who know you by your name and take the time to get to know you, offering help whenever they can academically, and even personally.  The hands on approach to learning in the classroom and in field placement settings give students the practical skills and knowledge to assist them after graduation in the work force.

Heather Anderson

Early Childhood Education

I ♥ DC because…

I love Durham College because it is a beautiful campus, the school is up to date and the technology is current. As well, the Profs are always willing to lend a hand and your peers are friendly and cooperative. There are many ways to get involved in the college and to get to know your campus and the facilities which are offered here. All of these things have contributed positively to the outcome of my education.

Emaline Saylor

Legal Administration/Law Clerk

I ♥ DC because…

I love Durham College because they are always there to support you and make you the best that you can be.

Julie Dimeo
Pharmaceuticals & Food Science

I ♥ DC because…

I love Durham College because it has so many ways for students to get involved and once you get to know staff and students it becomes a place where you feel at home.

Bridget Taylor 

Business Administration, Operations Management

I ♥ DC because…

I love Durham College because the support programs available are second to none.

Anthony Smeelen

Computer Programming

I ♥ DC because…

I love Durham College because (it) has given me the skills that I need to succeeded in the workplace. By giving us hands on time during class hours they allowed me to find a good summer job that I gained a lot of experience from. 

It also has no shortage of helpful professors that just want to see you learn and grow over the few years you may spend with them. Everyone will find the one of two Profs that you will just go to for everything; they become part of your group of friends and are always there for you (that’s how I got my job).

That have been so helpful and I am very glad that I chose to come to Durham College for my engineering course. As I enter my last year at Durham I hope to only achieve more in terms of grades and knowledge so that I can obtain and maintain a permanent position within an engineering firm as a designer. 

Jordan Reckzin

Mechanical Engineering Technology

I ♥ DC because…

It is close to home and it’s the perfect place to meet new friends.

Sarah Morphy 

Multimedia Design

I ♥ DC because…

I love Durham College because the professors are amazing and they can give you real-life stories about there past career which makes the courses even more interesting. The professors are also very helpful and five good guidance and advice when you ask for help.

The environment at Durham College is comfortable and when you walk into the school you feel like you are safe and there are people there to help you with almost anything! Being a student who takes transit to school it is awesome that there is a discount for the Go Bus thanks to your Student I.D. card and you can also ride the Durham Transit for free with your Student Card.

Everything about Durham College is amazing and I’m glad I chose to come here because I can’t imagine going anywhere else and having this experience! 

Cara Sebastyan

Police Foundations