Structural steel now on site

With the structural steel now on site and its assembly well underway, the Centre for Food (CFF) is already coming to life. In fact, the late summer weather has provided many opportunities to maintain and push the construction schedule.

 Design briefs for AV, IT and security have all been finalized, an important step in defining the conduit paths, which will better inform the construction manager as he begins to prepare the basement for the slab on grade concrete pour. In addition, the elevator shaft can be seen in the centre of the building with the final concrete pour scheduled later this month.

 With more structural steel going up each day, you can see the skeleton take shape and begin to observe the formation of the building’s interesting architectural design elements. It is anticipated that structural steel erection and final connections will continue into the winter months.

 Some interesting facts about structural steel:

  •  Construction of the CFF will use approximately 275 metric tonnes of steel;
  • Structural Steel is 100 per cent recyclable and is the most recycled material in North America;
  • Steel will not warp or twist and it does not substantially expand or contract to the same extent as concrete with weather changes;
  • Steel doesn’t need time to cure;
  • More strength with less weight;
  • Can be erected in most weather conditions; and
  • Uniform quality with proven durability and low life cycle costs.

 The Durham College Leadership Team recently toured the site and was amazed with its progression to date.