New Beginnings and Achieving Dreams: Gabriella’s Scholarship Story

Life often demands that we navigate through transitions, some of which can be as challenging as they are transformative. For Gabriella, her move from Ukraine to Canada was more than just a change of location; it was a leap into a whole new life. In Ukraine, she was a university teacher with six years under her belt, passionate about her job and armed with a master's degree that sharpened her mind.

But here in Canada, she faced a fresh set of challenges: a new language and an unfamiliar education system - this did not hold her back; instead, it led her to Durham College and a new calling in social work, where she could still make a meaningful impact. 

As a mother aiming to advance her education, Gabriella needed a program that could adapt to her hectic life. Durham College's Part-Time program was the perfect fit. It offered online courses that she could tackle on her schedule, blending her studies seamlessly into her daily routine.  

Initially doubtful of online learning, she was soon won over by the supportive and high-quality education Durham College provided, challenging her doubts about the effectiveness of virtual classrooms.

The Scholarship Journey 

Gabriella's first attempt at a Durham College scholarship did not go as planned, but she did not give up. Her determination paid off when she applied again and was awarded a scholarship. This was not just a financial win; it was a boost to her morale, showing her that persistence pays off. The scholarship eased her financial strain, covering crucial costs like textbooks and course fees, and added a valuable highlight to her resume, boosting her future job prospects in social work.  

Her story highlights the significant impact scholarships can have. They are more than financial aid; they are stepping stones to achieving one's dreams. Durham College's commitment to providing these scholarships shows its dedication to inclusivity and ensuring every student has the chance to succeed. 

Next Steps for Gabriella 

Now, with her diploma in hand, Gabriella looks forward to a bright future in social work. Her transition from a university teacher in Ukraine to fulfilling her academic and personal ambitions in Canada is a testament to the transformative power of education and support. Gabriella's experience is a source of inspiration, proving that resilience and the right opportunities can guide anyone through change, preparing them to leave a positive mark on the world.