Super Savage Bi-Weekly #1

The Durham Smash Group has now provided a new bi-weekly tournament in the Durham College Esports Arena. The new event is the Super Savage Bi-weekly (SSB) and will be conducted by Durham’s own Rene Suarez. The event ran its first iteration on June 26 with a solid turnout for both Smash Ultimate and Smash Melee. Congrats to Tamim in winning Smash Ultimate’s Single Bracket and congrats to MG for winning the Smash Melee bracket. Shoutouts to BigDaddyD and Pokecheese for their close second place finishes. The next event for the Super Savage tourney will come later in July. If you need your smash fix before then, the Smashurai Dojo will be hosting their monthly tournament for Smash Ultimate this July 7 featuring Monster and Dreamhack Prizing! For more information check the facebook group out at:

or contact @RyanDCB or @CoolDudeRene on twitter!