Brent Lessard

Brent Lessard graduated top of his class from Durham College’s Mechanical Engineering Technology program in 2014. He now works as technical co-ordinator for International Leak Detection (ILD) as well as a project manager for rLoop, an online think tank and talent resource company, which he co-founded.

rLoop is comprised of a team of more than 140 people from 14 different countries who are working to revolutionize the future of transportation. Through open-source and collaborative design, a prototype is being developed for a pod that can travel at hyper speeds, enabling people to get where they need to go, faster – much, much faster!

At ILD, Lessard designs and implements new intelligent building monitoring systems, combining innovative sensor technology with high-performance cloud solutions to produce secure and reliable information on a building’s integrity. He is also involved with developing improvements to technical testing equipment and creating new testing procedures and services.