Photo of Roland Kielbasiewicz

Roland Kielbasiewicz


• Graduation year: 1990
• Program: Business Operations Management
• Currently: CEO of Loraxian, Inc.
• Number of DC grads he’s hired: Three
• Favourite DC campus spot: Cafeteria

Roland Kielbasiewicz has always been an entrepreneur. Starting his construction company the year before he entered the Business Operations Management program at Durham College (DC) meant that his free time on campus was spent doing payroll for his employees or taking business calls. So when he graduated in 1990, there was nothing to do but hit the ground running.

Kielbasiewicz is now the Founder and CEO of Loraxian, Inc., a company specializing in providing sustainable infrastructure solutions in Canada and internationally. He is also the founder of the IGNITE Infrastructure Association, a non-profit organization which provides energy efficient and sustainable infrastructure capabilities to government, First Nations, education and healthcare sectors.

Even after all these years, Kielbasiewicz has strong ties to DC. Since graduating, he has been a Program Advisory Committee member, a guest speaker in numerous classes, and has used his business acumen in research projects at DC, partnering with the Office of Research Services, Innovation and Entrepreneurship (ORSIE).