The Learning Portal

The Learning Portal contains great library resources and learning support hubs for both students and faculty. Take a look at all the hubs available!

STUDY SKILLS: Learn effective study, note-taking, presentation, and time management skills and how to battle stress.

RESEARCH: Learn to effectively research, use Library resources, and critically evaluate sources and how to properly cite them.

WRITING: Get help with planning, writing and revising your papers.

DIGITAL SKILLS: A skills labs where you can learn about 3D printing, how to create dynamic animated infographics, live action and animated videos, and academic posters.

DIGITAL CITIZENSHIP: Understand the pros and cons of social media, how to spot fake news, and online security and privacy awareness.

CAREER: Explore career options through identifying your strengths and gaps in the labour market, learn how to create effective resumes, and prepare for interviews.

FACULTY TOOLKIT: Find course readings, quizzes and assignments, AODA resources, information on copyright literacy, LMS content, resources on OER, accessibility, copyright and Indigenous inclusion.

Screen shot of the learning portal