A slam dunk relationship for Durham College

The Oshawa Power practises on campus courts

If you’ve walked past a Campus Recreation and Wellness Centre gymnasium lately then you’ve likely noticed a group of tall gentlemen playing basketball.

A quick glimpse would reveal the jerseys of National Basketball League (NBL) team, the Oshawa Power (The Power), who is using the campus’s facilities almost daily for its practices.

In fact, at one recent practice, admirers and curious by-passers stood at the glass eagerly watching the team’s moves. Although the players were extremely tired, they were eager to joke around and push each other to get through practice while putting on a great show for on-lookers.

The Power is creating a name for itself through its showmanship and connectivity to the community, as evident in its bond with campus. “It’s a great gym,” said Morgan Lewis, player. “We love using the school for a practice facility.”

Lewis explained that the team is appreciative of the campus for allowing the team to practice here while staying close to home.

The campus and the Power have maintained a relationship since it was announced that an NBL team was coming to Oshawa in August. This includes the player showcase hosted by the team which took place earlier this year as part of its official introduction to the city.

The team supports events such as 3-point shootouts and skills competitions; visits varsity games and hands out T-shirts and tickets for Player of the Game winners; and had a student night on December 8 at its home game against the London Lightning. “Oshawa Power is extremely happy to support Canadian college athletics,” said Drew Ebanks, vice-president, Communications, for the Power.

The team considers the campus facilities to be top-notch and perfect for its practice needs.