Benefits of the campus ID card

There are many advantages to being a Durham College student, including the convenience and accessibility the campus ID card provides when accessing the many services and facilities on campus.

Academically, students benefit from the ease that they can utilize the various services in place to help them be successful in their areas of study.

“Being in the journalism program I used my student ID for renting out cameras for stories I was working on,” said Marielle Boutin, a third-year Journalism – Print and Broadcast student. “It was also convenient when printing stories in the computer commons; it saved me a lot of time.”

The campus ID card also enables students to take advantage of the services offered at the Campus Health Centre including: massage therapy; chiropractic care; physiotherapy; orthotics; acupuncture; on-site pharmacy; and a full medical clinic.

There are a number of other on-campus services the campus ID card is used for including: utilizing the Campus Recreation and Wellness Centre; borrowing items from the library; and as a transit pass with Durham Region Transit for the duration of a student’s program.

“Students who finish choosing their fall classes as early as July, are encouraged to visit the Campus ID office to validate their card in the summer months so they can avoid lineups in September,” advised Judy Kellar, campus ID co-ordinator.