Campus Walk service available at Oshawa and Whitby campuses

Campus Walk service is provided by trained student teams which will, on request, provide accompaniment to students, staff or visitors to their car or residence or other campus locations during weeknights.  All members work in pairs and can be identified by their vests with “CAMPUS WALK” printed on the back.

To request this service:

  • At the Library contact the security guard.
  • At the Gordon Willey building go to the security desk.
  • At the Student Centre contact any security person.
  • If you live in residence, call 905.728.8700, or ask the security guard on duty in the residence.

You may also call the security desks directly to request to be met at a specific location by Campus Walk team members. Security guards will also provide accompaniment.

If you have any suggestions to help enhance campus safety, please email or for additional Campus Walk information, contact Judy Kellar