Coca-Cola gives DC students a sweet surprise

On January 29, students passing through The Pit at Durham College’s (DC) Oshawa campus couldn’t help but notice the big red and white vending machine that said “Hug Me.” The Coke Hug Machine came to campus and rewarded those who showed it some huggable affection with a free can of Coca-Cola.

The machine, the only one in Ontario, operates as part of the Coca-Cola ‘Open Happiness’ campaign.

“It was interesting to watch how students reacted when they saw the machine,” said Jacob Moss, a first-year Advertising student and member of DC’s Team Experience, “It was a complete surprise for all the students and it definitely created buzz on campus. It didn’t matter what people felt like when they came to school today, everyone who hugged the machine left with a smile, not to mention a free can of Coke.”

Durham College was lucky enough to host the machine on both its Whitby and Oshawa campuses. More than 1,800 cans of Coke were dispensed in exchange for 1,800 hugs!

Watch students give hugs and receive a Coke.