Durham College committed to campus safety

The Durham College (DC) Office of Campus Safety (OCS) is committed to protecting the rights of everyone on campus while ensuring a professional, respectful and safe campus environment. Emphasis is placed on respect for others and safety and security is a responsibility of everyone on campus.

Please see below for a few initiatives that can help keep the campus environment a safe and secure place.

Reporting suspicious behaviour

If you have concerns regarding your personal safety or if you observe behaviour that is suspicious or that may have a negative impact on the campus, please report it immediately to OCS by calling Campus Security at 905.721.2000 ext. 2400 or 905.721.3211.

Verification of ID

Please keep in mind that college buildings each have their own business hours. Many staff, faculty and students require access to classrooms and labs throughout the week, including after hours and weekends. While patrolling the campus, and as part of the due-diligence process for keeping the campus safe, Campus Security may ask you to produce identification to verify and validate your presence on the property. Please have your institutional identification available at all times while on campus and surrender it to Campus Security upon request. This will expedite the process for you and the security guard.

Code Blue stations

Code Blue stations are nine-foot red poles with blue lights on top located in parking lots, footpaths and the Campus Library. Each pole has a button you can press to gain instant contact with the Campus Security desk. Once notified, Campus Security will send a guard to your location and, if required, emergency services will be dispatched.

OCS services include:

•   Preventing crime.

•   Solving problems that affect faculty, staff, students and the community.

•   Promoting safety and security as the responsibility of everyone on campus.

•   Ensuring students learn from their experiences and achieve success.

We encourage you to visit the Campus safety web page to familiarize yourself with the services and crime prevention initiatives offered by the OCS.