Music and art collide in the Pit

Many of Durham College’s (DC) students, faculty and staff have heard its beautiful music and seen its incredible artwork, but who knows where the piano in the Pit came from and who had the fun task of making it so unique?

DC’s own Debbie White from the Human Resources department, and her family, graciously donated the new musical gem while Kevin Cormier, a third-year Fine Arts – Advanced student, was selected to create the design that now appears.

“I thought it would be an interesting task to take on knowing how important the piano is to Durham College students,” said Cormier. “I wanted it to be fun and flowing in its design, as to physically represent what the space where the piano is means to me. The abstract design was also meant to complement the original piano, which has been transformed into a gaming station. It allows for everyone to interpret it in different ways whenever they pass by it.”

This great portfolio piece wouldn’t have come his way had it not been Sean McQuay, program co-ordinator for the Fine Arts – Advanced program, asking him to help with the school’s plans for the piano donation.

So what’s next for DC’s budding artist?

“My plan is to graduate from Durham and continue my studies in fine arts at a university level. Hopefully I’ll be able to pursue a job in a creative field and continue working on my personal art.”

This piano will remain in the Pit, while the original piano will be moved into its new home in the Marketplace cafeteria once completed.